Even faster leak checking using pressure control loop on MFC

A pressure decay test can take a while, and waiting time is wasted time.

In this video, we demonstrate Alicat’s mass flow controller simultaneously controlling the pressure in the device under test, and monitoring leak rates as low as 2.5 sμlm. The result is an instant quantification of a leak rate, as soon as your system is settled at the target pressure. Nor do you need to do a lot of math to find an average leak rate—you’ll know the leak rate at any pressure you want tested.

Here are some ideas for optimizing this test:

  • For testing larger volumes, a bypass fill-valve can be used to rapidly pressurize the DUT, reducing the wait between tests.
  • An integrated bleed valve can be configured into the MFC for testing non-leaking parts… or you can include a bleed valve in your setup, as shown in the video.
  • Using a low pressure drop Whisper controller will reduce stabilization times and ensures accuracy of real-time readings.

We have other configurations for measuring leaks, including those described in these papers from our Applications page:

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