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Liquid Flow Meters

Use liquid flow meters to accurately measure liquid flow rates. Coriolis instruments measure liquids at rates up to 100 kg/hr, for aggressive or unknown composition liquids. Laminar flow instruments measure flow, pressure, and temperature for common liquids.

Standard liquid flow meters

CODA KM-Series Coriolis Mass Flow Meters provide high-accuracy liquid flow measurements even when fluid composition is changing or unknown.







Picture of L-Series liquid flow meter

L-Series Liquid Flow Meters simultaneously measure volumetric flow rate, liquid pressure, and liquid temperature in real time.








LS-Series Liquid Flow Meters measure volumetric flow for a variety of corrosive liquids. Contact us to learn more.

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Portable liquid flow meters

Alicat LB-series portable liquid flow meter

LB-Series Portable Liquid Flow Meters measure liquid volumetric flow rates anywhere you need, making them ideal for on-the-go process calibration, verification, and validation.







LBS-Series Portable Anti-Corrosive Liquid Flow Meters measure volumetric flow for corrosive liquids, for on-the-go process calibration. Contact us to learn more.

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Use Alicat liquid flow meters for accurate measurement across a wide range of applications.

Our Coriolis mass flow instruments can accurately measure liquid flow rates up to 100 kg/h even when flowing aggressive liquids and mixtures of unknown composition. When flowing water or other common non-corrosive liquids, our laminar liquid flow instruments can provide real-time measurements of process pressure and temperature.

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