Research Laboratories

Alicats are cited in peer-reviewed literature on topics from carbon capture to polymer synthesis to surfactant characterization. 

Scientific discoveries and technological developments begin in the lab

The rapid advancement of scientific discoveries requires advanced methods of data collection and analysis. Each Alicat mass flow device is highly accurate, repeatable, and easily reconfigurable for use in a variety of experiments.

  • Easy data collection and analysis. The integrated display, LabVIEW supportPython drivers, and FlowVision software provide a simple way to control, communicate, and log data.
  • Efficient and flexible. Change a setpoint, switch to a different gas, record in different units, and control mass flow or pressure – directly at the bench, with no recalibration required.
  • Multivariate measurement and control. One device measures mass flow, volumetric flow, line temperature, and line pressure. 



Full applications engineering support

Our expert team of applications engineers is available to determine the best mass flow or pressure solution for any experiment, explain how our devices work, assist with troubleshooting, and more. Reach out via phone, email, or online chat for assistance.


Research laboratories mass flow controller

Go in-depth on mass flow and pressure

Our website is full of informative articles about the physics of mass flowtypes of gas flow instruments, detailed descriptions of Alicat multi-gas calibration accuracy, and much more! There are also many troubleshooting guides and tutorials.

Research laboratories mixing controllers


CODA Coriolis mass flow controllers precisely control DI water or high pressure gases.

Hydrogen mass flow meter 1 SLPM

Hydrogen mass flow meters with integrated totalizers make monitoring easy, up to 10,000 SLPM.

Hydrogen mass flow controllers mimic fuel cell behaviors at full scale flow rates up to 10,000 SLPM with quick response and high accuracy.

Dual-valve pressure controllers reach setpoints in milliseconds and maintain control without continuous bleeding.

Key Industry Uses

Maintaining cryogenic temperatures with pressure control

Cryogenic temperatures are highly dependent on pressure.Boiloff can be tightly controlled in dewars using back pressure or active headspace pressure control.

Precision pressure control for Veloce

The Veloce echelle spectrograph confirms and measures the mass of previously unknown planets. Dr. James Gilbert of the Australian National University needed pressure stability of 5 mbar in an 1800 L volume with significant leaks.

Alicat in Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 was built to simulate the original biosphere – Earth! In 2019, an 80-scientist team used Alicat mass flow controllers to release carbon dioxide spiked with an isotopic tracer into a rainforest biome to study the impacts of climate change on tropical rainforests.