Repairs and Calibrations

Whether it is time for your instrument’s annual recalibration or your instrument needs a repair or upgrade, you can fill out the Service Request Form below, email us at, call us at +1.888.290.6060, or start a live chat session to get the service process started.

Whether it is time for your instrument’s annual recalibration or your instrument needs a repair or upgrade, you can fill out the Service Request Form below, email us at, call us at +31 262-031-651, or start a live chat session to get the service process started.

Available Services
  • Calibration
  • Repair
  • Reconfiguration
  • Re-ranging
  • Valve replacement and tuning
  • Cleaning
  • Firmware updates
  • Special engineering requests
Service Order Process

Once we receive your service request, we’ll set up a Service Order, which is also your RMA number. Here is what happens next:

1. Service Order Confirmation. We send you a Service Order Confirmation email and our Service Return Checklist. We’ll also indicate how long our current service lead time is.

2. Shipping. You send to Alicat the instruments for which you’ve requested service.

  • For most instruments, please do not send any accessories (cables, power supplies, etc.).
  • If your instrument has a remote display (RD or TFTRD option in your part number), please include that display in the box.
  • If you are getting service for an FP-25 flow calibrator, please include the external temperature probe. Alternatively, you can send us the whole kit in its original hard case.

3. Receipt and Inspection. We send you a Service Order Receipt Confirmation email when we receive your package(s) at Alicat. We inspect your instruments to make sure no damage occurred during shipping. If we notice anything, we’ll make sure to take pictures and inform you.

4. Lead Time. Your instruments enter our service queue and wait for their evaluations. Our service lead time varies with our current load and the number of orders that are waiting to be seen. Once this lead time is completed for your service order, we will evaluate your instruments.

5. Evaluation. We check analog signals, settings, sensor health, display functionality and process connections on your instruments to ensure that it leaves our doors in better condition than when it arrived. If any issues are identified, we will let you know and provide you with a Service Quote if applicable.

  • If non-warranty repairs are required, we will wait to obtain your approval of the Service Quote.
  • If the repairs are covered under our warranty, we’ll get to work right away.

6. Service. All services begin with an address dump to preserve all settings in the event that the firmware needs to be reloaded or updated.

  • Repair. If any repairs are needed, these are performed first, unless the problem needing repair is discovered during the course of another service.
  • Reconfiguration. We perform any physical reconfigurations and firmware upgrades before recalibration.
  • Recalibration. We record as found calibration data before making any adjustments. Then we recalibrate your instruments against our flow, pressure and temperature standards. We print a new calibration certificate that includes both as found and new calibration data.

7. Quality Check. We evaluate your instruments again to confirm that all work has been completed and that your instrument is operating in top condition.
8. Payment. We will contact you for payment if we don’t already have a PO on file.
9. Return Shipping. We ship your instruments back to you according to the shipping method that you requested.

Service Return Checklist

Please carefully follow the shipping instructions below to reduce shipping damage, delays, and the cost of your service order.

  • Include the RMA number on the box.
  • Please do not send any accessories, connectors, or fittings with your shipment unless they are related to the repair/evaluation.
  • Do not send back anything which has been exposed to nuclear, biological, or toxic chemical environments. If you have any doubts or concerns that the devices might contain residual contamination, please contact Alicat’s customer service dept. before sending your package.
  • Please do not include hard copy POs. Instead, email a soft copy to

For international shipments:

  • Commercial invoices must have a signature, date and title of the signee.
  • Clearly mark all commercial invoices and Air Waybills with the following statement: ‘GOODS OF USA ORIGIN, CERTIFIED TRUE AND CORRECT’
  • Clearly select the options on the shipping documents or Air Waybill (AWB) that specify that the shipper (i.e. you) will pay all transportation costs, duties and taxes. Both the ‘shipping costs’ and ‘duties/taxes’ boxes must be checked on your shipping forms.
  • All shipments coming back to Alicat for service, need to be sent using the Incoterm ‘DDP’ (Delivery Duty Paid).
  • All shipments that get held up in customs due to incorrect documentation will be returned to the sender at the sender’s cost.
  • If Alicat receives a bill from any customs agency these charges will be rebilled to the customer, with service fees added.
  • Items being returned to the US for service should be sent under the 9801.10.0000 tariff code and the attached paperwork should be filled out and sent with the shipment. This allows for the items to be processed as a temporary duty free (or minimal duty fees) shipment, as the item has previously been shipped and taxed.