Gas Mixers

Custom Solutions

Leverage the benefits of Alicat Scientific mass flow controllers and our flow and pressure experts with custom, precision gas mixers. A variety of options provide incredible measurement accuracy control.

Explore options for:

  • Ultra compact gas mixing arrays
  • Turkey solutions for foolproof, simplified gas mixing
  • Premixed gas measurement & control
Fusion flow gas mixer display

Create Mixed Gases: OEM, Lab and Industrial Applications

Gas mixing manifold for flow control

BASIS Gas Mixing Array

Ultra compact for OEM

  • Built to your process
  • Easily connect to PC or PLC
  • Wide range of fittings
  • High performance in small package
FusionFlow gas mixer

FusionFlow™ MXM

Precision Gas Mixers for labs and plants

  • Hundreds of common applications
  • Mix up to 10 gases
  • Rates from 200 SCCM to 50,000 SLPM
Fusion flow gas mixer display

FusionFlow™ IMX

Industrial Gas Mixers

  • Larger, commercial-scale operations
  • Mix up to 4 gases
  • Rates from 100 SLPM to 3200 SLPM

Measure Mixed Gases

Pressure controller

Composer™ on M/MC Series

Measure and control pre-mixed gases

  • Program 20 mixes into a meter or controller without losing accuracy
  • Mix up to 5 gases
  • Choose from 130 pre-loaded gas calibrations


Laminar DP Diagram

Gas mixing with versatile flow control

Laminar DP Diagram

How do laminar DP meters work?

Thermal meter diagram

How do thermal flow meters work?

Fusion flow gas mixer display

About FusionFlow™

Mass flow meter from Alicat Scientific

Gas Flow

Mass flow controllers provide precision measurement and ultra-fast control of 130+ different gases.

CODA coriolis mass flow meter

Liquid Flow

Liquid flow controllers use either Coriolis or laminar flow technology to accurately control liquid flows across a wide range of applications.

Dual valve pressure controller 5 PSIG


Alicat offers pressure controllers for use in flowing, dead-ended, or vacuum applications.

Technical Reference

Find guides, tutorials, pinout diagrams, and industrial protocol resources for your Alicat instrument.


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