Lab Grown Diamonds

Alicat makes the process of growing diamonds a consistent, repeatable process. High stability and repeatability gives engineers the confidence the recipe they used is what was delivered. Ultra low flow rates makes using mixed gases unnecessary, delivering better diamonds at a lower cost.

Instruments designed for lab grown diamonds

Get high-performance flow and pressure controllers in just 5 days. Instruments are specifically optimized for gas manifolds:

  • Fast. Rapid 2 millisecond sensor response time and up-stream pressure control gives you immediate control of your system and removes delays for gases to settle.
  • Precise. High-performance valves provide repeatability up to ±0.08% of full scale to prevent disturbances to the system pressure.
  • Reliable. Ensure each of your batches is perfect with exceptional leak integrity and corrosion resistance.



Producing lab-grown diamonds with chemical vapor deposition

For more than thirty years, Alicat has worked with CVD designers and system integrators.

CVD processes for diamonds

Thin film deposition diamond

Flow controllers

One flow controller can be used to flow hydrogen, oxygen, methane, or any other carbon-rich gas across a wide range of flow rates.

Gas flow controllers

Lab grown diamonds Mass flow controller


CODA Coriolis mass flow controllers precisely control DI water or high pressure gases.

Hydrogen mass flow meters with integrated totalizers make monitoring easy, up to 10,000 SLPM.

Hydrogen mass flow controllers mimic fuel cell behaviors at full scale flow rates up to 10,000 SLPM with quick response and high accuracy.

Dual-valve pressure controllers reach setpoints in milliseconds and maintain control without continuous bleeding.

Key Industry Uses

Pressure Controllers

Alicat’s pressure controllers rapidly respond to maintain a stable chamber and plenum vacuum levels.