Liquid Flow Meters & Controllers 

Volumetric & Mass Flow Measurement and Control

Discover the repeatability, accuracy, and versatility of Alicat Scientific’s liquid flow meters and controllers for a wide range of liquids and slurries.

Use the L/LC Series from Alicat Scientific for reliable measurement and control of common liquids. Experience the unmatched precision provided by CODA Coriolis meters and controllers, ensuring unparalleled levels of accuracy for a wide variety of fluids. Explore our CODA Pump offerings for easy precision dosing.

Liquid flow meters and controllers from Alicat Scientific, including laminar DP and Coriolis technology.
Laminar DP flow meters and controllers for liquids from Alicat Scientific

L/LC Series

Flow rate, pressure and temp in real-time

  • 10 liquids
  • 0.5 CCM – 10 LPM full scale
  • ±2.0% of full scale accuracy
  • -10°C to 60°C
CODA Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers from Alicat Scientific for precision measurement and control.


Fluid-independent measurement

  • Coriolis measurement technology
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Compatible with slurries
  • 40 g/h – 300 kg/h full scale
  • 200 cP max viscosity
  • ±0.2% of reading accuracy
CODA coriolis mass flow meter

CODA™ Pump

Generate and control flow

  • All the benefits of CODA™
  • Pump: built-in or use your own
  • Easy precision dosing
  • 40 g/h – 300 kg/h full scale


Coriolis meter diagram inside

How do coriolis meters work?

Laminar DP Diagram

How do laminar DP meters work?

Coriolis meter diagram inside

Why use a Coriolis meter-pump system for liquid flow control?

Mass flow meter from Alicat Scientific

Gas Flow

Mass flow controllers provide precision measurement and ultra-fast control of 130+ different gases.

Dual valve pressure controller 5 PSIG


Alicat offers pressure controllers for use in flowing, dead-ended, or vacuum applications.

Custom Instrumentation

Order mass flow controllers and meters custom-build to your specific application needs.

Technical Reference

Find guides, tutorials, pinout diagrams, and industrial protocol resources for your Alicat instrument.


Diagram for slot die coating process using an Alicat Scientific Coriolis mass flow controller.

Slot-die coating using CODA Coriolis liquid controllers

Equilibar and Alicat Scientific dome loaded regulator control diagram.

Pairing CODA with a dome-loaded regulator for fluid control

Pipe shear diagram to understand non-Newtonian fluids

Measuring non-Newtonian fluids

SCO2 diagram for solid-liquid extraction process

Optimizing supercritical CO2 solid-liquid extraction with CODA

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