Leak Testing

Alicat flow and pressure instruments accurately characterize flow and leak test valves and thrusters. Devices are trusted in countless manufacturing processes including environment control, handling of coolants, and welding stations.

Validate systems with fast and accurate leak testing

To reliably leak test components, equipment must repeatably measure low flows.

  • Multi-variable control. Maintain pressure and measure flow with one device, for all-in-one leak testing.
  • Fast system stabilization. Low pressure drops minimize restriction and enables rapid pressure stabilization, for a leak test much faster than pressure decay testing.
  • Reliable control and measurement. Repeatability ±(0.2% of reading + 0.02% of full scale) from 0.01% to 100% of full scale.



Using a single device for fast and simple leak testing

A single Alicat mass flow controller cancontrol pressure while monitoring flow rate, for a fast, simple way to validate small volumes and components.

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Leak testing Mass flow controller

Accurate, repeatable low flow detection

Alicat devices are accurate to ±0.5% of reading and ±0.1% of full scale, with 2σ repeatability of ±(0.1% of reading + 0.02% of full scale), for highly reliable leak tests.

Mass Flow Meters

Leak testing accuracy results mass flow meters


CODA Coriolis mass flow controllers precisely control DI water or high pressure gases.

Hydrogen mass flow meters with integrated totalizers make monitoring easy, up to 10,000 SLPM.

Hydrogen mass flow controllers mimic fuel cell behaviors at full scale flow rates up to 10,000 SLPM with quick response and high accuracy.

Dual-valve pressure controllers reach setpoints in milliseconds and maintain control without continuous bleeding.

Key Industry Uses

Rapid stabilization and direct flow measurement

Pressure decay tests are slow, requiring time for stabilization and calculation steps. Whisper™ instruments with low pressure drops enable the fastest pressure stabilization.

Accounting for natural oscillations

Components like flap valves naturally oscillate. Totalizer and averaging functionalities on leak testers enable component validation even when flow rate varies.