Calibration and Metrology

Portable, NIST-traceable flow meters simplify the calibration and validation of flow equipment at both state-of-the-art metrology labs and remote, outdoor sites.

In-field and in-house calibration and metrology using portable transfer standards

  • Portable and durable. Built to be carried around, with an integrated display and battery lifetime of up to 18 hours and drop-resistance.
  • Versatile and accurate. Real-time measurements with NIST-traceable accuracy to ±0.5% of reading or ±0.1% of full scale for 98+ gases and 20 custom-defined mixtures.
  • Fast, multivariate data. Millisecond-response times immediately upon powering up, to display flow, pressure, and temperature readings in real-time, in your choice of engineering units.

Understanding Alicat calibration and accuracy specifications 



Wireless transfer standards for in-field calibration and validation

Portable, battery-powered flow meters can be easily added into a flow line at any point for rapid system verification, with no need for outlets, cables, or computers.


Air Calibration Mass Flow Controller

Multivariate meters fully compensate for ambient conditions

Calibrating rotameters requires correcting them to specific standard or normal temperature and pressure conditions.

Alicat devices simultaneously measure mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, and pressure in real time, so you can ensure your devices are calibrated to the correct operating conditions.

Calibrating a variable area flow meter with an Alicat

Air monitoring calibration mass flow controller


CODA Coriolis mass flow controllers precisely control DI water or high pressure gases.

Hydrogen mass flow meter 1 SLPM

Hydrogen mass flow meters with integrated totalizers make monitoring easy, up to 10,000 SLPM.

Hydrogen mass flow controllers mimic fuel cell behaviors at full scale flow rates up to 10,000 SLPM with quick response and high accuracy.

Dual-valve pressure controllers reach setpoints in milliseconds and maintain control without continuous bleeding.

Key Industry Uses

Calibration kits for any gas flow and range

Metrology labs and field technicians work with a wide variety of flow devices and gases. The PCU portable carrying case features three mass flow meters with a dynamic range up to 100,000:1 and accuracy of ±0.5% of reading or ±0.1% of full scale for 98+ gases and 20 custom gas mixtures.

Calibration, validation, and verification

Validation ensures a system satisfies its stated functional intent, while verification ensures a process or equipment operates according to its stated operating specifications. Calibration ensures the measurement accuracy of an instrument meets a known standard.

NIST-traceable transfer standards

All Alicat devices can be used as NIST-traceable transfer standards for in-house calibration, validation, or verification.