Alicat Scientific–the fastest flow controller company in the world!

From developing new materials to monitoring the workings of the atmosphere and beyond, our flow and pressure products accelerate the evolution of science and technology around the world.

Customer-focused, science-obsessed

Science and technology are called upon to solve many of the world’s greatest problems. Alicat’s role is to accelerate the evolution of that science. We embrace speed in every aspect so you can focus on what matters most.

Science goes faster with real-time flow data and lightning-fast control of your process.

Rapid product customization makes it easy to scale up or change direction.

Helpful applications engineers ensure you get the product that fits right the first time.

Reliable instruments are backed by ISO 9001 standards and lifetime warranties.

Customized for your industry

We are wherever you are.

Throughout the years, Alicat Scientific has built a network of knowledgeable sales channel partners around the world to help you solve your mass flow and pressure challenges.

Europe, China, India, Canada, South Africa, Costa Rica, Australia, Brazil, USA … and more!

See our network
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