5-Day Lead Time: FastTrack Mass Flow Devices

Alicat FastTrack mass flow meters and controllers are manufactured and shipped in 5 business days to meet your process needs. These laminar differential pressure (DP) flow instruments are fast, accurate, and versatile. Fill out the form below to receive a quote.
Mass Flow Meter
M–Series Mass Flow Meters simultaneously measure mass flow, volumetric flow, gas pressure, and gas temperature for 98+ gases from 0.01% to 100% of full scale. MC-Series Gas Mass Flow Controllers rapidly reach setpoints and maintain stable control of mass flow, volumetric flow, or pressure for 98+ gases across a very wide flow range – 0.01% to 100% of full scale. Highly customizable for easy integration.

FastTrack includes following customizations:

  • Device types: Standard mass flow meters, portable mass flow meters, standard mass flow controllers
  • Full scale flow ranges: See above.
  • Pressure drop: Standard for all ranges, Whisper™ low-pressure drop for select flow rates
  • Calibration: Standard, High Accuracy
  • Display: Monochrome, color, no display
  • Communication protocols: Analog, RS-232, RS-485, Modbus RTU
  • Electrical connectors: MD8, locking industrial, DB9M, DB15. Matching pinouts are available for all major competitors.
  • Fittings: NPT standard. SFF-Series devices have machined-in VCR compatible male connectors.
  • Optional: Integrated barometer, integrated flow totalizers

Alicat Scientific is the pioneer of laminar differential pressure (DP) mass flow technology. Need a different configuration or flow technology? Fill out a quote request for our full range of devices on standard lead time, including:

BASIS mfc for 100 sccm to 1 slpm gas flow control

BASIS™ MEMS thermal mass flow instruments provide great performance in a small footprint, with manifold options.

CODA-Series Controller

CODACoriolis mass flow instruments provide ultra-high accuracy for a variety of gasses, including corrosive and high pressure.

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