Fast Track Shipping Program

Tired of waiting months for your mass flow device?

The pandemic continues to affect shipments of raw materials and electronics packages, and many companies are experiencing shipping delays. In an effort to keep your process on track and unaffected by such delays, Alicat Scientific has launched the Fast Track program.

Alicat mass flow meter as part of the peregrine product line

Alicat M-100SLPM mass flow meter

We are offering guaranteed 5 day shipping for many of our most commonly ordered mass flow meter and controller configurations. These are the same mass flow devices that our customers have trusted for decades, just fast tracked to keep your process moving.

What devices qualify for the Fast Track program?

Fast Track products include mass flow meters and controllers ranging from 200 SCCM to 100 SLPM, with multiple options for electrical connectors and communication protocols (including any manufacturer’s 9-pin and 15-pin D-Sub connectors).

If you cannot afford to wait weeks to months for a mass flow device, fill out the form or call and ask us about our Fast Track options. Our applications engineering team will help you get the right devices for your application and make sure your process is back on track in no time!

Up to 20 SLPM Meter Specs 50/100 SLPM Meter Specs

Up to 20 SLPM Controller Specs 50/100 SLPM Controller Specs