Gas Chromatography

Stabilize and automate control of carrier gases in gas chromatography

Automating a gas chromatograph using equipment guaranteed to maintain stable, repeatable flows ensures that confounding variables never interfere with separating and analyzing your sample.

  • Repeatability of ±(0.1% of reading + 0.02% of full scale) ensures consistent and accurate chromatograph functioning.
  • Gas selection from >98 gases without accuracy loss means a single device can be used for any carrier gas.
  • Analog, serial, and industrial communication protocols let you easily integrate flow control with your process data.

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Mass flow & pressure control enables full system stability

Controlling carrier gases through the chromatography column using mass flow ensures that analytes arriving at the detector head haven’t been affected by local temperature or pressure. Devices which won’t drift or lose accuracy maintain the overall accuracy of your chromatograph.

Electronic pressure control maximizes system stability

Maintain a constant pressure in the chromatograph using electronic pressure controllers with small footprints that can be rated to IP67 for washdown environments.

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Alicat electronic pressure controller
FlowVision 2.0 interface

Enabling digital, automatic gas controls

Alicat devices can connect to FlowVision 2.0 or directly to LabView for simple control and data monitoring. Or, serial or industrial protocols let you integrate flow instruments directly into your overall control scheme.

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Simple switching for any carrier gas

Controllers flexible to your analytes can switch between helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or another carrier gas without affecting the accuracy of the flow rate.

Switch using the front interface display or using your communication protocol of choice to dynamically maintain a smooth flow of any gas.

MC–Gas Mass Flow Controllers
Calibrate gas analyzers with an Alicat MWB mass flow standard

GC calibration & verification

Regular checks to ensure equipment is functioning properly and maintaining the desired flow rates extends the useful lifetime of any device.

More info: Metrology & calibration

Custom engineering

Not seeing the right flow or pressure solution for your gas chromatograph? Our devices have trillions of configurations and our in-house custom engineering team will help you build the optimal instrument.

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