Gas Chromatography

Accurately flow helium, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and other carrier gases with a single instrument.

Verify and optimize carrier gas control in gas chromatography

Maintain accurate gas chromatograph outputs with stable, repeatable mass flow control.

  • Stable, low-flow control. Even in low flow conditions, Alicat mass flow controllers provide stable flow from zero to full scale within tens of milliseconds.
  • Versatile gas compatibility. One controller can measure 98+ gases and custom gas blends, including common inert gases like N2, He, Ar, and CO2.
  • Easy to integrate and use. Devices come standard with 6-button backlit displays for easy control, or you can connect via a variety of industrial communication protocols.



Mass flow and pressure control enables full system stability

Fluctuations in flow rate disrupt the detection of chemical compounds. Tightly regulate carrier gas flow rate to ensure accurate compound detection.

The role of mass flow in GC’s mobile phase

Gas Chromatology lab

Leak testing and characterizing mission-critical systems

Maintain constant chromatograph pressure using electronic pressure controllers with small footprints and IP67 ratings for washdown environments.

EPC-Series pressure controller

Gas Chromatology pressure controller


CODA Coriolis mass flow controllers precisely control DI water or high pressure gases.

Hydrogen mass flow meter 1 SLPM

Hydrogen mass flow meters with integrated totalizers make monitoring easy, up to 10,000 SLPM.

Hydrogen mass flow controllers mimic fuel cell behaviors at full scale flow rates up to 10,000 SLPM with quick response and high accuracy.

Dual-valve pressure controllers reach setpoints in milliseconds and maintain control without continuous bleeding.

Key Industry Uses

Enabling digital, automatic gas controls

Connect to FlowVision 2.0™ or directly to LabView for simple control and data monitoring. Alternatively, integrate flow instruments directly into your overall control scheme using serial or industrial communication protocols.

Flow any carrier gas with one device

Easily switch between gases using the front display or a variety of industrial communication protocols.

GC calibration and verification

Extend equipment lifetime by regularly validating processes and calibrating devices.