Alicat part number decoder

There are many ways to customize your Alicat, but added options can sometimes make your part number look like alphabet soup. We’ve compiled the listings below to help you decipher the various elements of your Alicat part number.

Most Alicat part numbers consist of a top-level part number and a group of adder codes. Top-level part number elements are separated by hyphens (-), and adder codes are separated by commas (,). A forward slash (/) separates these two groups of your Alicat part number.

Top level elements appear before the forward slash (/) in the Alicat part number, as in the example below.


Primary Instrument Types
L Liquid flow meter
M Gas mass flow meter
P Pressure gauge

Secondary Instrument Types
3 Remote pressure sense port
AS Low-range pressure sensor
B Battery-powered
C Flow or pressure controller
D Dual valves
E Enclosed valve
H Hammerhead valves
P Large Pneutronics valve
Q High pressure gas flow
R High-flow Rolamite valve
S Stainless sensor for corrosives
SS Stainless sensor for corrosives with 316L body
T Stream switching controller
V Enclosed valve plus pneumatic shutoff valve
W Whisper™ low pressure drop

2INH2OD Differential pressure range
2INH2OG Gauge pressure range
xCCM Liquid flow range (ccm)
EXTSEN External pressure sensor
xLPM Liquid flow range (lpm)
xPSIA Absolute pressure range (psi)
xPSID Differential pressure range (psi)
xPSIG Gauge pressure range (psi)
xSCCM Gas flow range (sccm)
xSLPM Gas flow range (slpm)
xTORRA Absolute pressure range (torr)

D Backlit monochrome
O No display
RD Backlit monochrome remote display
RDE Backlit monochrome enclosed remote display
TFT Backlit color
TFTRD Backlit color remote display
TFTRDE Backlit color enclosed remote display

[no notation] RS-232 over 8-pin mini-DIN
485 RS-485 protocol
DB9x 9-pin D-sub with x pinout
DB15x 15-pin D-sub with x pinout
DB15HD High-density 15-pin D-sub
DNET DeviceNet
EIP Ethernet/IP
I 6-pin locking DIN plus 8-pin mini-DIN
IO 6-pin locking DIN only
ISC 4-pin locking DIN for external sensor
M12 Threaded 8-pin M12 connector plus 8-pin mini-DIN
M12O Threaded 8-pin connector only
NJ No power jack
RJ45 8-pin RJ45

[no notation] Default valve (controllers)
2ST 2-stage valve control
A0XX Extra small proportional control valve
DS Downstream valve position
NO Normally open valve
PAR Rolamite valve parallel wound coil
PCAx Anti corrosive valve orifice size
PCVx Small Pneutronics valve orifice size
RV Detached remote valve
RVUS Remote upstream inlet valve
SV Small Pneutronics stainless valve
xXx Rolamite valve hole pattern

[no notation] NPT threads
30PSIA Low-range sensor for gas flow (legacy)
AL Aluminum body
ALM Alarm output
BRASS Brass valve
xBSPP British Standard Pipe threads
CC Conformal coating
xCOMP Number of welded compression fittings
DPORT Down port connections
EPDM EPDM elastomers
FFKM FFKM elastomers
HLC Helium leak check
IB Integrated barometer
ILV Inline valve configuration
IPx Ingress protection rating
IPC Integrated potentiometer control
IPJ Industrial power jack
M4MH M4 mounting holes
MOD Hard wired mod
NESSI NeSSI-compatible flow body
xNPT Non-standard NPT threads
OXC Oxygen Cleaning
PJ Power jack
REMOTE Remote electronics assembly
RM12 Remote M12 4-pin side dongle for sensor input
SAE SAE threads
SE Side-mounted electronics
SG Separate ground
SIL Sulfur inert laminate
SILICONE Silicone elastomers
SMCX Side mount connector
ST Standard temperature sensor (pressure devices only)
TMDPORT Top-mount down port
xVCRX Welded VCR fittings
xVCO Welded VCO fittings
VITON FKM/Viton elastomers
X CSA Class 1 Division 2/ATEX Zone 2

Adder codes appear after the forward slash (/) in the Alicat part number, as in the example below.

/CM, 102P, RIN, CIN, GAS: CH4, RANGE (85 SCFH), CLV, PU: V, TOT (99999.99 SCF), BAUD: 38400, STP: 20°C, CPNT (5, 10%), 17025, DS

Analog Type
1x 1-5 Vdc
5x 0-5 Vdc
10x 0-10 Vdc
Cx 4-20 mA
x2x Secondary signal

Analog Inputs
xIN Setpoint input

Analog Outputs
xM Gas mass flow output
xP Pressure output
xT Temperature output
xV Gas or liquid volumetric flow output

17025HF ISO17025 certification (sometimes written as 17025-LF)

AGB Absolute, guage, and baro pressure in data frame
ALHx: y High flow alarm above y setpoint
ALLx: y Low flow alarm below y setpoint
     5 5 Vdc analog output
     12 12 Vdc analog output
     24 24 Vdc analog output
     OD 500 mA open drain
APC Absolute pressure calibration for gas flow
APHC High-accuracy absolute pressure calibration for gas flow
AT Analog tare
AVG OFF Averaging off

BAUD: x Baud rate
BD Bidirectional flow or gauge pressure calibration

CLP Closed-loop pressure control
CLPG Closed-loop gauge pressure control
CLR Closed-loop ramp
CLV Closed-loop volumetric flow control
CPNT (x,y%) Additional calibration points

DB: x Deadband x% preset
DS Downstream valve placement

FLOW Flow rate for tuning pressure control

GAS: x Initial gas selection

HC High-accuracy flow or pressure calibration
HLC Helium leak check

ID: x RS-232/485 unit address
[INV] Inverted output or input
INV Inverse control, upstream valve
[IPx] Custom secondary output on industrial connector

LCK Display locked
LIQUID: x Custom liquid calibration
LVD Valve drive % shown on display

MAXAVG Maximum geometric running averaging
MCD0X MCD configuration type

NONWAR Non-warranty, no returns or repairs
NTP: x Custom NTP conditions

OPL: x Overpressure limit for valve closure
OXC Oxygen cleaning

P1: x Expected inlet pressure
P2: x Expected outlet pressure
PD (x, y) Custom P=x and D=y valve tuning
PD2I (x, y, z) Custom P=x, D=y, and I=z valve tuning
POP Power over Profibus
PROFIBUS: x Profibus unit address
PRANGEx Pressure ranges of internal and external sensors
PU: x Selects flow parameter on power-up
PUB Power up with backlight on
PUGS: x Gas selection on power-up
PUL: x Pulsed analog output at x flow total
PUSP: x Setpoint on power-up
PUT: x Tare after x seconds on power-up

RANGE: x Custom calibration range
RCPNT (x,y,z) Replacement calibration points
RD: x Length of cable for remote display
REM: x Length of cable for remote electronics
RIN RS-232 input selection
RTL Right-to-left flow direction
RVD Valve drive % shown in serial data

SENIN: x External pressure sensor input signal
SGC Specific gas calibration
SR: x Streaming rate in x milliseconds
STP: x Custom STP conditions
STR Preset to streaming mode

TOT Integrated flow totalizer
TOT (x y, R/F/E) Custom resolution x and/or units y
     E Rolls over and flashes OVR error at max count
     F Freezes and flashes OVR error at max count
     R Rolls over at max count
TOTAVG Totalizer averaging
TOTBDx Bidirectional totalizers:
     TOTBD1 Negative values subtract from total
     TOTBD2 Negative values subtract from total, and total can never be negative
     TOTBD3 Negative values have no effect
     TOTBD4 Negative values ignored, resets at zero
TOTR Reset totalizer on selected pin

VOL: x Expected closed volume x
VT Vacuum tuning

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