Food & Beverage

Food Packaging

In the food packaging industry, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Gas Blanketing are critically important to prevent food spoilage or oxidation. Packed meats and produce stay fresh longer when their packages are infused with nitrogen or other preservative gases. Alicat flow controllers with pressure control loops make it easy to introduce the right amount of gas into these packages.

A Fusion Flow™ gas mixing system will help you reduce costs through creating your own custom gas compositions, eliminating the need to purchase pre-mixed gas bottles. These systems are scalable, allowing you to easily integrate further channels to the mixer should you need additional gases, or higher flow rates.

Food Processing

Modern potato chip production methods and an increased demand for reduced oil and baked-style chips mean traditional seasoning methods are no longer as effective because seasoning cannot adhere to less oily chips. Coriolis instruments have solved this problem by measuring and controlling the flow of oil mixtures — and in some cases vinegar — which are then sprayed onto the chips, allowing dry seasoning to stick better.

Our CODA-Series of Coriolis instruments excel at precise, high-accuracy measurement and control of these types of low-flow processes. CODA instruments are unaffected by changes in mixture composition and are also inherently resistant to external vibrations without need for a mass block, so their smaller footprint comes at no performance cost.

Aerating chocolate gives it that bubbly texture. It is done through high pressure injection of N2 or CO2 while the chocolate is still hot, before molding. Our MC-Series units can be used to deliver precise amounts of gas into the process, ensuring that the resultant chocolate is not too dense, or too flakey.

Pressure controllers are also used to control burners for roasting coffee beans.

Brewing & Distilling

Alcoholic spirits? Alicat dual-valve pressure controllers were first developed to aid breweries in maintaining a stable pressure for fermentation. Pressure will be automatically modulated to keep up with any temperature changes in your vessel, allowing you to ensure that they are always kept at an ideal setting.

One step further, our mass flow controllers allow a user to control the amount of CO2 being delivered either by flow rate or pressure, giving the advantage of knowing the exact amount of gas sparged into your tank, or controlling the pressure headspace until it reaches equilibrium with the carbon stone.

Persedo Spirits uses Alicat mass flow controllers to ensure a precise amount of food grade gases are flowing through their system, while compensating for changes in tank pressure and temperature. These gases remove undesirable components from the spirit thus improving its quality!