Measure and analyze ambient air quality and industrial emissions

Emissions and air quality monitoring has transitioned from estimating greenhouse gases and particle counts to measuring and analyzing particulate matter and atmospheric gases in real-time.

Ensure that air is safe to breathe and that industrial emissions meet regulatory standards with high-accuracy, weather-resistant flow meters.

  • Weather-resistant instrumentation. Built to minimize measurement fluctuations amidst changes in temperature, humidity, or wind.
  • Portable transfer standards for flow verification. Minimal pressure drops enable flow validation at near atmospheric conditions.
  • Metering, dosing, and pressure control in a single instrument. Use devices in a wide range of environmental monitoring and treatment applications.

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framergy pilot setup with Coriolis mass flow meter

Natural gas emissions monitoring

The EPA, CNEMC, and other agencies require the monitoring of atmospheric methane emissions from sources such as compressor seal leaks, surface casing and pneumatic vent flows, storage tanks, and glycol dehydrators.

Perform audits using portable flow meters with powerful data logging capabilities.

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Low pressure drop devices enable ambient air measurements

Whisper mass flow meters are built to with minimal 0.07 PSID (4.8 mbar) pressure drops, maintaining enough line pressure to accurately measure near-atmospheric air flows.

Ambient air monitoring with Alicat Scientific
FP-25 air monitoring system

FP-25 Calibrator Kit for samplers, analyzers, and canisters

The FP-25 is a high-accuracy flow calibrator for PM10 and PM2.5 sampler audits. It reads independently of temperature and humidity, and mounts directly to an FRM or FEM to negate any effects of wind.

Bluetooth capability and a mobile app reduce time spent on rooftops and ladders during calibrations.

Regulating gas flows in wastewater treatment

Anaerobic and aerobic processes reduce pollutants like nitrogen and phosphorous in wastewater. Fast, accurate mass flow instruments keep inlet and outlet flows stable, ensuring safe water discharges.

Wastewater Treatment
smoke stacks from factory in night sky

Robust features for use in harsh environments

Alicat devices simultaneously measure pressure, temperature, and flow rates in real-time, and can be configured to include an internal barometer. They can be rated to IP67 for outdoor use in harsh environments, and are robust enough to handle liquid backflows without requiring recalibration.

Instrumentation in environmental and air monitoring research

Alicat instrumentation is used in research focused on emerging technologies in the environmental and air monitoring industries.

This research is exploring topics such as real time measurement solutions for indoor air quality, bioaerosol measurements, and NO2 adsorption.

Smog among smokestacks and buildings
Clouds in the sky

Custom engineering

Not seeing the flow or pressure solutions you need? Learn more about Alicat calibration solutions or speak with an applications engineer to discuss custom solutions.

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