Appnote: Vent gas & green house gas emissions measurement

Vent gas & green house gas emissions measurement

Alicat’s low pressure-drop, portable gas flow meters are multi-parameter flow meters that use multiple flow sensors to capture pressure, temperature, and flow data quickly at the source.

Portable gas flow meters for field measurement

Oil and gas wells are often remote and hard to access. These hand-held instruments are light-weight and durable making audits a one-man job. We know vent flows from surface casing wells vary greatly. That is why it’s important to have a flow meter that can measure wide flow ranges while still maintaining accuracy. Alicat flow meters have advanced circuit boards and sensors that result in a high turndown ratio, meaning you can use one meter for multiple wells while maintaining accuracy.

Leak testing

Leaks can happen in many places throughout oil and gas production. They are wasteful and present a danger to everyone on site. Often these leaks occur at near atmospheric pressures making them difficult to detect and measure with accuracy. Alicat has designed specialized low-pressure drop meters that are well suited to test for low-flow leaks that have minimal pressure differentials.

Governments in the USA and in Canada (AER, BC Oil and Gas) have been using Alicat meter for leak detection.

Tank venting

Storage tanks are another source of methane emissions. Wend Energy of Colorado came to Alicat to help them measure changes in emissions before and after deploying their innovative vapor lock technology.

Continuous flow measurement

Continuous measurement of emission flow rates and volumes can help LNG producers monitor and document changes over time. Alicat’s Class1 Div2 instruments have been built directly into well skids for this purpose. Emission gas components can vary depending on location and region. These C1D2 meters are part of the anticorrosive line and can help with both sweet and sour emissions. They are made of stainless 316L steel and have wetted materials that will not be impacted by more aggressive gases that can be found in un-combusted natural gas compositions.

Durable gas flow meters designed for your needs:

  • ±0.8% of reading and ±0.2% of full scale
  • Flow measurement range 0.01-100% of full scale
  • Operating temperature range of −10–60°C (expanded range available)
  • Operating pressure full scale – 160 PSIA (additional options available)
  • Totalizer function available – read total volumetric flows over a designated time period
  • Low-pressure drop meters available
  • Optional Pelican case for easy carry in the field
  • Water Ingression protection – up to IP 67
  • Long battery life – 18 hours in the field (without backlight on)