Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Mass Flow Meters

Alicat mass flow meters are high performance, differential pressure-based instruments able to measure flow rates from 0.00005 SCCM to 5000 SLPM for 98+ gases selectable through the built in display. These compact, multivariate meters simultaneously measure mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure, and temperature in real time to ensure accurate, stable readings.

Our industry leading mass flow meters include:
  • 0.6% of reading accuracy on most flow instruments
  • 10 ms response time
  • No warm up
  • Four process variables
  • Built in display
  • Industrial protocols
  • Pressure compensation
  • Temperature compensation
  • Wide dynamic flow ranges

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Mass flow meter models

M-Series: Standard Gas Mass Flow Meters
MQ-Series: High Pressure Gas Mass Flow Meters
MW-Series: Low Pressure Drop Gas Mass Flow Meters
MS-Series: Anti-Corrosive Gas Mass Flow Meters
KM-SeriesStandard Coriolis Flow Meters
MB-Series: Battery Powered Gas Mass Flow Meters
MBQ-Series: High Pressure Portable Gas Mass Flow Meters
MWB-Series: Low Pressure Drop Portable Gas Mass Flow Meters
BIO-Series: Bioreactor Gas Mass Flow Meters
KMO-Series: Coriolis Meters for OEM

Applications for mass flow meters

Calibrators for samplers, analyzers & canisters

Determine pollutant concentration, with no effects of wind, using a weatherproof mass flow meter that mounts directly to your FRM or FEM.

Leak & permeability testing on test benches

A hydrogen-powered vehicle fuels upMaintain process efficiency and minimize metal loss in catalyst membrane layers, even in larger fuel cells, with mass flow meters to characterize the smallest leaks.

Fast, accurate & portable calibration standards

Mass flow calibration where you need it

Verify flow rates on less accurate or manual equipment with battery powered, NIST-traceable, easy-to-use mass flow meters.

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