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Scientific discoveries and technological developments begin in your research laboratories

Simple data collection and analysis are critical to advancing your discoveries, as are unparalleled accuracy and repeatability in your research laboratories.

Alicat instruments are highly flexible to give you the efficiency you need. You can rapidly reconfigure them with the click of a few buttons on the front panel display, so you can use them for any experiment.

  • Data collection & analysis made easy. When a standup interface isn’t sufficient to manage your data, full LabVIEW support, Python drivers, or Alicat’s FlowVision 2.0 software give you a simple way to control communicate, and log data form your devices.
  • Designed for benchtop efficiency & flexibility. Change a setpoint, switch to a different gas, record in different units, or opt to control pressure with your mass flow controller – directly on the bench.
  • Multivariate measurement & control. Alicat instruments output mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature, and pressure readings. They can be controlled from your computer, or directly on the device using the interactive display

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Full applications engineering support

Whether you’re looking for an expert explanation of the differences between mass and volumetric flow, interested in the specifics of low pressure drop for your Whisper-Series flow meter, or looking for the right pressure controller for your vacuum chamber, the Alicat global applications engineering team is available by online chat, phone, or email.

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Alicats are cited in peer-reviewed literature on topics from carbon capture to polymer synthesis to surfactant characterization

Biosphere 2 was built to simulate a fully contained Earth ecosystem. In 2019, its rainforest biome was used to track the impacts of climate change on a tropical rainforest. The 80-scientist team used Alicat mass flow controllers to release carbon dioxide spiked with an isotopic tracer into the environment.

Cryogen behavior is highly dependent on the interplay of ambient temperature and pressure. Boiloff can be tightly controlled in dewars using back pressure and active headspace pressure control.

The Veloce echelle spectrograph is searching to confirm and measure the mass of previously unknown planets. Dr. James Gilbert at the Australian National University, needed pressure stability of 5 mbar in an 1800 L volume with significant leaks.

Inchfab is creating ultra-low cost, high performance fabrication tools. Improving process control conditions & heat transfer between chuck assemblies let them achieve greater repeatability and spatial uniformity.

Birds and mammals both produce sound using the MEAD mechanism. Dr. Coen Elemans et al’s study in Nature used a dual-valve pressure controller to study the aerodynamic engine sustaining vocal tissue oscillations.

Alicat mass flow control system, showing (front to back) the BB9 distribution box, 3 standard mass flow controllers, 2 anti-corrosive controllers and an anti-corrosive mass flow meter
Mass Flow Controllers in Gas Mixing

Go in-depth on mass flow and pressure

Curious about the physics of mass flow, or the role of pressure controller in vaccine production or fuel cell development?

Our customers work in diverse areas and applications, and we’ve gotten the opportunity to dive into unique applications. We’ve also made tutorial videos, answered FAQs, and found that Alicats are robust enough to survive a drop off the roof.

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Custom engineering

Not finding the flow solutions you need for your research laboratories? We pride ourselves on trillions of configurations and a full custom engineering team.

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Highly customized Alicat pressure controller with dual hammerhead valves