Category: Flow measurement applications

  • Saltwater electrolysis flow regulation for green hydrogen production 

    The electrolysis water purity problem   In totality, only some 3% of all water on the Earth is freshwater. The remaining 97% is made up of brackish water and saltwater that contain elevated levels of dissolved salts and minerals.   Traditional hydrogen producing PEM electrolysis systems depend on a supply of deionized freshwater to operate at highest […]

  • Optimizing clear hydrogen production with mass flow meters

    As hydrogen is generated from diverse sources such as electrolysis, oil and gas refining, natural processes, and more, researchers use color-coded names, referenced as the hydrogen rainbow, to differentiate among the specific hydrogen production methods. Some of the least sustainable methods for hydrogen production are blue and grey hydrogen which originate from steam reforming during […]

  • Automating pressure swing adsorption of hydrogen gas

    Why is hydrogen gas purification necessary? The growth of the hydrogen economy is driven by the development of many hydrogen production sources, including blue, gold, green, yellow, red, turquoise, brown, black, orange, and white hydrogen. Depending on which production source is used, the refinement and purification of hydrogen gas may be a required postproduction step for […]

  • Flow control in direct air capture

    Environmental concerns about global warming have led to the development of emerging technologies to mitigate new emissions of greenhouse gases. Although reducing these new emissions helps to reduce the magnitude of global warming, it does not reduce the impact of previous emissions which are already in Earth’s atmosphere.  A practical solution to lower previous carbon […]

  • Sequestering CO2 in concrete 

    The production of cement, the binding element in concrete, accounts for 7% of total global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Concrete is one of the most-used resources on Earth, totaling an estimated 26 billion tons produced annually worldwide. Due to global demand growth, production isn’t expected to slow down for at least two more decades.   Concrete […]

  • Aerating everything using mass flow instrumentation

    Aeration describes the process of infusing air or other gases into liquids. Aeration is an important step in various industries, including food and beverage manufacturing, fish farming, and wastewater and soil treatment. Aerating wastewater Aeration is an important step in secondary wastewater treatment. In the activated sludge process, water treatment tanks are carefully monitored for […]

  • Regulating cold plasma flow and pressure

    Plasma, the 4th state of matter, makes up a remarkable 99% of all mass in the universe, including stars and lightning. Cold plasma, sometimes called non-thermal plasma or non-equilibrium plasma, is a special type of plasma. While other molecular and atomic constituents remain near room temperature, cold plasma is made at ambient conditions when electron […]

  • Regulating SO2 levels in winemaking processes

    SO2, sulfur dioxide, is a very important additive to the winemaking process because of its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Thus, it makes wine fresher, inhibits unwanted growth of bacteria and yeast, and improves wine’s storage length and shelf stability. This makes it important for wine manufacturers to use precise methods for measuring SO2 levels and […]

  • Characterization of Coriolis measurement technology

    Coriolis technology can flow fluids ranging from only hundredths of a gram per hour up to several million kilograms per hour. On the low end, a Coriolis device may be so small that it can fit in the palm of your hand. At higher flows, they may be as large as a washing machine! Alicat’s […]

  • High accuracy, low-flow color dosing with Coriolis mass flow meters

    Many liquid laundry detergents are easily recognized by their distinct blue color. The addition of such blue coloring and other fluorescing agents adds trace amounts of dye to fabrics, both counteracting discoloration and improving brightness. Challenge: Inaccurate, inefficient pumps lead to noticeable variation Modern blue dyes and fluorescing agents come in extremely high concentrations, so […]

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