Glass & Optical Fiber

Fast Flow Control and Metering for Glass and Optical Fiber Applications


Alicat’s mass flow and pressure controllers enable the world’s most precise and robust glass and optics manufacturing processes. With mass flow repeatability as low as 0.12% of reading, accuracy as low as 0.5% of reading, and control times as low as 30 ms, these mass flow controllers and meters can quickly accommodate changes in the process conditions of your fiber draw, preform or glass making process. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company creating chemically strengthened glass or a startup making novel active fiber optic cable, Alicat’s mass flow and pressure controllers can help ensure the highest precision and quality for your glass and optics manufacturing processes.

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Optical Fiber and Preform Manufacturing

The fiber optics industry has unique requirements for precise chemical deposition, accurate burner gas control and pressure-controlled polymer extrusion. In many cases, corrosion resistance is required to handle specialty or fluorinated gases used by MCVD  (modified chemical vapor deposition) processes. Alicat’s exceptional repeatability, precision and speed ensure that control is accomplished rapidly, increasing throughput and quality of optical fiber. Repeatability between 0.12% of reading and 0.2% of full scale (depending on model and range) ensures that processes meet the most demanding quality requirements. With mass flow errors between 0.5% of reading and 1% of full scale (depending on model and range) and control times as fast as 30 ms you can improve your current controls for creating high quality preforms, superior fiber optic cable and well made ribbonized fiber optic cable. Find out more about how the world’s fastest flow controllers can help improve your process.

Video: Alicat Meters Lend Precision to Fiber Optic Process

Video: Alicats in the Optical Fiber Industry

Glass Manufacture and Shaping

From manufacturing the latest chemically hardened glass, to ensuring proper formation and temperature control of glass manufacturing, Alicat can help. With pressure drops less than 0.1 psi available even low pressure applications get accuracy up to 0.6% of reading.  Many industrial protocols are available for easy automation and data logging. All Alicat controllers are customized to your specific needs, ship within a few weeks and have a lifetime warranty. Talk to an engineer to see how Alicat’s flow control can help move your glass or optics manufacturing process into the fast lane.

Customized control and fast delivery

Alicat products for preforms, fiber optic cables, ribbonized fiber and glass shaping. More details below:

MC Series mass flow controllers

  • Repeatability to depend on: ±(0.02% of full scale + 0.2% reading) or better up to 5,000 slpm
  • Steady-state controllable ranges over 10,000:1 to consolidate flow lines
  • Integrated screen allows for at-a-glance information and control
  • Built to your specifications with choice of industrial protocol
  • Available in corrosion resistant, high pressure, and low pressure drop versions

PC Series pressure controllers

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