Fabricate high-purity preforms and draw low-loss glass and optical fiber

Accurate, repeatable production of high-purity glass optimizes optical fiber production and maximizes transmission, accelerating the transition to 5G.

Use mass flow to regulate the flow of inert, shielding, and dopant gases with greater control than standalone valves.

  • Automatic adjustment to ambient atmospheric conditions. Prevent batch losses in outdoor draw towers with valves that respond quickly to changes in weather or barometric pressure.
  • Full batch-to-batch repeatability. Highly repeatable flow of fuel and shielding gases guarantees final product consistency.
  • Lowest lifetime cost of ownership. Industrial communication provides preventative maintenance metrics, while compatibility with a wide range of flows and gases minimizes the need for spares.

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Fiber drawing tower. Photo: Copyright ThorLabs

Tightly controlling fuel and shielding gases maintains preform purity

Prevent impurities during preform manufacture and polish steps using tight flow control of dopant and inert gases.

Minimize system fluctuations and guarantee smooth ribbon coatings with highly accurate pressure control.

Maximizing transmission to build the 5G network

Introduce new process lines without affecting supply pressure of existing lines and increase transmission using fast, high precision devices with easy automation.

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Glass preform being drawn into a fiber optic cable
Diagram showing the role of mass flow controllers in a glass lathe process

Improving system visibility and control

Smart controllers with industrial communication protocols such as EtherNet/IP or Profibus are easily integrated into existing systems.

Multivariate data monitoring and collection allows for continuous process improvement using real-time analytics.

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Plasma laser as an example of a specialty fiber optic cable
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