Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Mass Flow Controllers

Gas mass flow controllers must be fast and accurate to establish stable flow. Alicat mass flow controllers reach their setpoints faster than any others, which enables them to suppress fluctuations in line pressure before they affect your process downstream. Customized valve options and factory PID tuning ensure that your mass flow controller will perform well in any application.

Laminar, differential pressure-based mass flow controllers for top performance include:

  • 0.6% of reading accuracy on most flow instruments
  • 10 ms response time
  • No warm up
  • Four process variables
  • Built in display
  • Industrial protocols
  • Pressure compensation
  • Temperature compensation
  • Wide dynamic flow ranges

Mass flow controller models

MC-Series: Standard Gas Mass Flow Controllers
MCQ-Series: High Pressure Gas Mass Flow Controllers
MCW-Series: Low Pressure Drop Controllers
MCS-Series: Anti-Corrosive Gas Mass Flow Controllers
KC-Series: Standard Coriolis Flow Controllers
MCE-Series: Drop-in replacements for thermal MFCs
MCV-Series: Vacuum Controllers
BIO-Series: Bioreactor Gas Flow Controllers
BASIS-Series: Compact Controllers for OEM
KCO-Series: Coriolis Controllers for OEM

Bioreactors & Fermenters | Gas flow control for industrial bioprocessing

Use pH, DO, or other critical process parameters for tight control of seed and production culture growths at high turndown, using mass flow controllers designed to ASME BPE specifications.


Glass Production | Constant flows for preforms and fiber draws 

Automate precision fire polishing of preforms and minimize lost batches and scrap in fiber draws, using mass flow controllers with 50 ms response rates to compensate for changes to local barometric pressure.


Hydrogen Fuel Cells | Flow & pressure regulation for fuel cell R&D

Monitor and control mass flow and pressure with a single device at high temperature and in moist environments, using optimized, multivariate mass flow controllers.


Life Support Systems | Oxygen flows for test simulations

Mimic human respiration to test and validate system-critical components in masks and ventilators, with bidirectional mass flow controllers that breathe in and out.


Reactive Sputtering | Delivery of purge & reactive gases

Stable control of vacuum to optimize reactive sputtering for chemical vapor & atomic layer deposition, using anti-corrosive mass flow controllers to withstand harsh elements.


OEM Gas Analyzers | Flow control built into end-user products

Small size, instant control readiness and dual communications make BASIS mass flow controllers easy to build into end user products.

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