Fast Pressure Controllers & Transducers

Pressure controllers for closed volumes

Dual-valve pressure controllers from Alicat eliminate the need for a bleed valve for pressure control in closed or dead-ended volumes. They are available with internal pressure sensors or remote sensors that can be plumbed to any point in your process.

Absolute or gauge pressure

PCD-series absolute or gauge pressure controllers contain pressure sensors that are referenced to vacuum (absolute) or to local barometric pressure (gauge). In addition to inlet and outlet ports, a third process port connects the sensor to your closed volume. PCD3-series absolute or gauge pressure controllers have flow paths that are isolated from their pressure sensors. In addition to the process port, an external pressure sense port can be plumbed to measure pressure directly from any point in your closed system.

The EPCD series compacts our dual-valve PCD series absolute or gauge pressure controller into a bare-bones form factor that is ideal for OEM applications and large-quantity orders.

Differential pressure

PCD-series differential pressure controllers maintain a constant pressure differential between their two measurement ports. Like the PCD3 above, each of the two pressure measurement ports of the differential pressure controller can be plumbed to any point in your process.

Fluid Dispensing Using Pressure Control (PCD)

Control the pressure in the head space above the liquid to be dispensed with minimal waste of process gases.


Electronic Pressure Control with Remote Sensing (PCD3)

Accurately monitor and control the pressure in a closed volume, even when flow rates are high.


Valve Characterization in Martian Environments (PCD)

Cycle through several pressure differentials that are referenced to the simulated Martian atmosphere instead of Earth’s own atmospheric pressure.


Fluidic Dispensing for Flow Cytometry (EPCD)

High accuracy and wide usable ranges make possible the dispensing of precise amounts of fluid with your OEM instrument.

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