Gas Mixing

Customize and dynamically program in-house gas mixing in real time

Mixing gases historically required either buying high-cost, premixed gas cylinders or setting up in-house solutions which stabilized slowly and couldn’t accommodate the low flows required for dilutions.

Switching to dynamic, turnkey gas mixers allows process parameters to be adjusted on the fly and keep costs low.

  • On-site gas mixing provides full traceability and significantly reduces the amount of wasted gas.
  • Dynamic mixing automatically adjusts pressure or flow to changing process conditions.
  • Fully engineered mixing solutions are tailored directly to your application.
Fusion Flow Gas Mixer display

Rapid stabilization, even for low flows

Gas mixers built using Alicat mass flow controllers take advantage of <50 ms response time. This means that gas mixes can be used almost instantly, without wasting gas as you wait for your mixture to settle.

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High turndown provides flexibility in blending

Laser systems mix halogens and rare gases with fractional molar masses down to parts per million. The 0.01-100% control range of Alicat devices mean a single gas mixer is able to achieve a huge range of blends.

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Flow Vision MX

Gas mixing software with multistream capabilities

Changing gases in a blend involves only connecting the right gas lines to a mixing system and adjusting the gas blend on the software interface. The new mixture can be ready almost immediately.

Flow Vision software

Active pressure control enables most accurate mixing

Gas mixing needs constant pressure control. Keeping both the feed gases and the blend at constant pressures ensures accuracy isn’t lost with speed of mixing.

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Complicated piping system
Gas cylinders

Pre-mixed gas cylinders were prohibitively expensive

In-house blends were historically complicated and unreliable, while buying blends led to wasted money and time. Turnkey gas mixing systems use only your existing gas lines for low-cost, accurate blends.

Custom engineering

We spun off Fusion Flow Technology as a division dedicated to gas mixing, with turnkey gas mixing boxes and bespoke solutions for your application. Not seeing what you need here?

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