Customize and dynamically program in-house gas mixing

Pre-mixed gases are often purchased from compressed gas suppliers, however there are significant benefits from purchasing pure gases and blending them yourself.

  • On-site gas mixing. Avoid expensive pre-mixed gas blends, reduce gas waste, and maintain traceability.
  • Dynamic mixing. Control flow of 98+ gases and 20 custom-defined gas mixtures, with automatic adjustments to changing process conditions that ensure consistent mixing.
  • Wide 10,000:1 controllable range. Controllers configured for 1 SLPM full scale of air will remain at 1 SLPM full-scale, whether flowing H2 or SF6.
settling time

Rapid stabilization, even for low flows

Mix gases using flow controllers with < 50 ms response times to minimize wasted gas and limit time spent mixing.

High turndown provides flexibility in blending

Laser systems mix halogens and rare gases with fractional molar masses down to parts per million. A 0.01-100% controllable range makes Alicat controllers compatible with a wide range of blends.

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Alicat turndown ratio video
Flow Vision MX

Gas mixing software with multistream capabilities

Changing the composition of a gas mixture is as easy as connecting the right gas lines and adjusting the gas blend with the software interface.

Alicat’s FlowVision 2.0™ software

Active pressure control enables most accurate mixing

Keeping both the feed gases and the blend at constant pressures maintains mixing accuracy. Mass flow controllers can be used to control on either mass flow or pressure. Want a device dedicated to controlling pressure?

Pressure controllers

Complicated piping system
Fusion Flow Gas Mixer MXM

Fusion Flow turnkey gas mixing system

Fusion Flow Technology by Alicat is focused on making turnkey gas mixing systems using Alicat controllers.

Turnkey gas mixing solutions

Custom engineering

Not finding the gas mixing solution you need here?

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Gas cylinders
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