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  • When pressure and flow volume alone are used to mix gases, the results are inconsistent.
    BASIS™ 2 electronic mass flow meters and controllers expand to 100 SLPM

    BASIS™ 2 electronic mass flow meters and controllers expand to 100 SLPM Alicat™ Scientific releases higher-flow model of OEM-style BASIS 2 MEMS thermal MFCs and meters Tucson, Arizona – February 29th, 2024 Alicat Scientific added a higher flow range—now up to 100 SLPM —to its BASIS 2 line of low-cost MEMS-thermal mass flow controllers and […]

  • New BASIS™ 2.0 Mass Flow Instruments: Impressive Specs in a Compact Form Factor

    New BASIS™ 2 Mass Flow Instruments: Impressive Specs in a Compact Form Factor Alicat Scientific releases next generation of OEM electronic flow controllers and meters Compact and durable, while feature-filled and accurate The compact form factor of BASIS 2 is ideal for integration into portable and low-mass gas mixing systems. The all-metal flow bodies mean […]

  • Alicat™ Scientific Releases Extended Flow Range for Hydrogen Applications

    Alicat™ Scientific Releases Extended Flow Range for Hydrogen Applications Tucson, Arizona – January 8th, 2024 Alicat Scientific, a leading manufacturer of mass flow and pressure instrumentation, has introduced an extension to its standard mass flow line: hydrogen mass flow meters & controllers with 10,000 SLPM full scale flow. This expansion addresses the escalating demand for […]

  • Two Alicat M-series controllers sit on a bench in a laboratory with the backlight on.
    Now Standard: Backlight on Power Up

    Alicat Monochrome Displays Standardized with Backlight On June 19th, 2023 Since 2017, Alicat has offered a monochrome display with a backlight for bright or dark areas. The light toggles on/off with a button behind the logo on the front of the device. With the release of 8v firmware in 2019, Alicat gave customers the ability […]

  • Alicat™ Scientific adds PROFINET industrial communications protocols to its flow and pressure control instruments

    Alicat Scientific, of Tucson, Arizona, announces that it has added PROFINET™ to its offerings of industrial protocols for Alicat mass flow controllers, pressure controllers, mass flow meters, and pressure transducers. Through PLCs, manufacturers and industrial processes can control activities and collect data faster than humanly possible, from Alicat devices with industrial protocols. Part of the […]

  • Orange and white hydrogen

    Merging carbon sequestration, geothermal heating, and hydrogen production with orange and white hydrogen As a result of the deep carbon cycle, the equilibrium of atmospheric and subsurface CO2 results in 99.99% of all carbon on Earth being located underground where it does not contribute to global warming. Nonetheless, the 0.01% of Earth’s carbon located in […]

  • The hydrogen future

    The hydrogen future Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. When compared to fossil fuels as an energy source, hydrogen energy generation technologies are much safer for the environment as many only produce pure water as an emission. As a result of hydrogen’s potential to mitigate the effects of global warming as a […]

  • SO2 in wine

    SO2 in wine Sulfites, sometimes called sulphates, are important naturally occurring compounds with applications as disinfectants, refrigerants, and lab solvents and reagents. Sulfur dioxide, or SO2, is a commonly used sulfite which is a colorless, pungent, toxic, corrosive gas at standard temperatures and pressures. It is primarily synthesized by volcanic activity, but also from burning […]

  • Environmental impact of lab-grown diamonds 

    Environmental impact of lab-grown diamonds In addition to being faster and cheaper to manufacture, lab-grown diamonds are more environmentally and socially responsible than mined diamonds. The two most popular methods for growing diamonds are high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). In particular, a subset of CVD, microwave plasma CVD (MPCVD) is growing in […]

  • Indoor hydroponic systems

    Indoor hydroponic systems In recent years, agricultural practices have rapidly developed due to improvements in technology, leading to better disease resistance, greater nutrient density, and overall higher yields for various crops. One of the most important agricultural developments driving such increased productivity has been recent widespread popularization and commercialization of indoor hydroponic farming systems. The […]

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