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Characterize and test mission-critical aerospace & defense components

The highest possible accuracy and control of dome-loaded pressure regulators using direct process inputs are key to aerospace and defense development, from initial R&D through test benches for mission critical components.

Alicat is a trusted vendor in aerospace and defense applications, where accuracy, repeatability, and most of all reliability are critical requirements. Advanced pressure controllers, mass flow meters, and mass flow controllers are needed for development, testing, and experimentation from the cockpit, through the payload, to the thrusters, in applications including:

  • Leak testing valves for capsule engines
  • Satellite altitude control
  • Liquid cooling systems for pressure suits and engine systems
  • Gas mixing to emulate exotic atmospheres
  • Buoyancy testing requiring accurate totalizing and dosing
  • Breathing simulations
Rockets launching in aerospace and defense applications

Flow instruments controlled directly from your process pressures

The PC-EXTSEN pressure controller lets you send a voltage signal from your 20,000 PSI transducer directly to the Alicat piloting your dome-loaded pressure regulator.  This means faster response times with less fluctuations than other pressure controllers – because it’s controlled off your actual process pressures.

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Configured and standardized to your system parameters and setup

Standard and normal temperatures and pressures can be preconfigured or adjusted in the field without requiring recalibration. So can all engineering units.

AS5202 porting and easy-to-use electronics ensure simple integration with standard NASA and other test bench equipment.

The responsive, data-rich display on any Alicat lets you take in information on the health of your process in a glance.

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Backlit color TFT display
Leak testing apparatus using an Alicat mass flow controller

Leak testing & characterization of mission-critical systems

Direct pneumatic pressure controllers at 3,000 PSI are ideal for leak testing and characterization of thrust-producing flow components such as throttle plates.

Argon or nitrogen can be used as surrogate gases for testing, with flow and pressure controllers easily able to switch between flowing different gases, no recalibration required.

High pressure fluid delivery and control

Alicat instruments can control up to 3,500 PSI, making them well-suited for torch control systems emulating conditions in space.

Vacuum controllers will hold set points even given rapidly changing process and ambient conditions.

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Rocket launch and close-up of thruster
Rocket engine testing

Solutions for high flow/high pressure testing

Valves often limit flow rates at high pressures, in applications such as testing gas reservoirs. Pressurizing the chamber using a solenoid valve, then using hammerhead valves for pressure maintenance, shortened response time and enhanced reproducibility of hypersonic wind tunnel experiments.

Custom engineering

To monitor scrubbers, mass flow meters will ensure carbon dioxide is being safely removed from life support systems.

To mimic human respiration, bidirectional mass flow controllers will model breathing under various conditions.

To keep fuel compositions, proprietary, the Composer Gas Select features allows you to set your own gas mixtures, in the field. Alternatively, CODA Coriolis meters operate independently of fluid phase or composition.

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