Digital Displays

Backlit Displays for Flow & Pressure Instruments

Simultaneous monitoring of up to 6 process variables

There’s no need to wonder what is happening inside your MFC anymore. Most Alicat instruments come standard with a 6-button backlit display that allows for monitoring of all your process variables simultaneously. The interactive display menu makes each Alicat a stand-alone instrument that can operate without the need for a computer or PLC. You can select a new gas calibration, change your control setpoint or change your PID control loop settings all from the front panel.

Location of backlight button on Alicat instruments

Backlit color TFT displayBacklit color TFT display

The backlit color TFT display shows measured flow parameters in white with green engineering unit labels. Parameters turn yellow when they exceed their full-scale ranges, or red when they have exceeded their maximum measurable values. An Alicat instrument ordered with a color display shows -TFT in its part number.

Backlit monochrome display

Alicat backlit monochrome displayOur highly reflective monochrome LCD display is easy to read in direct sunlight. In a dark environment, press the Alicat logo below the screen to turn on the blue backlight. The backlight remains on until switched off again. An Alicat instrument ordered with a monochrome display shows -D in its part number.

You can change the display contrast level by selecting
The default contrast level set at the factory is 10.

Read the FAQ about our backlit monochrome display.


No Display Option

For use in OEM applications, Alicat instruments may be ordered without a display at all. In this case, all data monitoring and setpoint commands require connection to a computer or PLC. For most applications, it is best to retain the standard monochrome display to make troubleshooting in the field easier. An Alicat instrument ordered without a display shows -O in its part number.

Remote Panel-Mount Displays

Both the monochrome and color displays may be ordered as remote displays for easy mounting in instrument panels. These displays are seated inside an aluminum bezel with four 5/32″ diameter mounting holes. The bezel is connected to the meter or controller unit by a shielded ribbon cable as long as 12 feet/3.6 m (length determined at time of order).
Click here to download the remote display template.

Alicat monochrome remote display for panel mounting

Alicat color remote display for panel mounting

Enclosed Remote Display

The enclosed remote display is connected to the meter or controller by a 10 pin locking industrial cable 3 m in length.  This enclosed display is IP54 rated and provides better protection in high EMI environments.
Click here to download the enclosed remote display template.

Alicat enclosed remote display for panel mounting