Instruments designed for lab grown diamonds

Get high-performance flow and pressure controllers in just 5 days. Instruments are specifically optimized for gas manifolds:

  • Fast. Rapid 2 millisecond sensor response time and up-stream pressure control gives you immediate control of your system and removes delays for gases to settle.
  • Precise. High-performance valves provide repeatability up to ±0.08% of full scale to prevent disturbances to the system pressure.
  • Reliable. Ensure each of your batches is perfect with exceptional leak integrity and corrosion resistance.

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1 SLPM Mass Flow Controller with Color Screen

Flow controllers

One flow controller can be used to flow hydrogen, oxygen, methane, or any other carbon-rich gas across a wide range of flow rates.

Gas flow controllers

Pressure controllers

Alicat’s pressure controllers rapidly respond to maintain a stable chamber and plenum vacuum levels.

Pressure controllers

Gauge Pressure Controller with Color Screen

Producing lab-grown diamonds with chemical vapor deposition

For more than thirty years, Alicat has worked with CVD designers and system integrators.

CVD processes for diamonds

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