Optimize thin film deposition setups for maximum throughput and film quality

Producing uniform coatings requires fast, precise gas delivery into vacuum coating systems. This is critical in thin film applications from synthetic diamond production to photovoltaic coatings.

Alicat has a range of custom solutions specifically designed to upgrade existing vacuum setups.

  • No warm-up time. Deposition cycles can begin immediately after turning on flow devices.
  • Millisecond response time. Flow and pressure controllers immediately respond to process condition changes, maximizing uniformity and minimizing waste.
  • Multi-gas compatibility. A single device can flow any of the gases needed in the deposition process, with high accuracy.
Vacuum chamber used for thin film deposition and CVD

Full-scale flow that doesn't change with gases or process conditions

Alicat devices are pre-loaded with 98+ gas calibrations. Flow and pressure devices will maintain their stated flow ranges and accuracy specifications for any gas under standard process conditions.

316L stainless steel and FFKM elastomers ensure compatibility with corrosive gases and harsh elements.

You can switch gases in the field, with no downtime or recalibration required.

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Designed to meet SEMI standards

The MCE-Series and MCV-Series mass flow controllers are built to replace legacy devices. To further ensure easy integration, instruments are available with a variety of digital and analog communication protocols including EtherCAT.

Alicat MCE-Series SEMI standard mass flow controller
Synthetic diamond made using CVD process

Color, cut, clarity, and carat: growing high-quality diamonds

Producing high-quality lab-grown diamonds requires precise control of hydrogen and methane flows, and of the chamber vacuum.

Simplifying the system to reduce cost and complexity

Designing a new sputtering system? Replace downstream throttle valves, vacuum gauges, and PIC control modules using a single upstream pressure controller with integrated capacitance diaphragm vacuum sensors.

Sputtering diagram
Vacuum Coating Pressure

Flow instruments controlled directly from your vacuum gauge

The PC-EXTSEN pressure controller sends linear analog signals directly from a vacuum gauge to the Alicat pressure controller. This allows for easy system upgrades without the need for a full redesign.

Custom vacuum setups

Not finding the flow and pressure solutions you need for your thin film deposition application?

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Custom setup for thin film deposition using an MCE-Series mass flow controller and an IVC-Series mass flow controller
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