BASIS™ 2 electronic mass flow meters and controllers expand to 100 SLPM

Alicat™ Scientific releases higher-flow model of OEM-style BASIS 2 MEMS thermal MFCs and meters

Tucson, Arizona – February 29th, 2024

Alicat Scientific added a higher flow range—now up to 100 SLPM —to its BASIS 2 line of low-cost MEMS-thermal mass flow controllers and meters, expanding the product family tree of the BASIS 2 electronic mass flow meters and controllers that were introduced in January, 2024. With the additional model, the product line’s measurable and controllable flow range now spans from 0.1 SCCM, using the lowest flow model at 0.1% of its maximum flow range, to 100 SLPM, using the new model at its 100% flow rate.

High-flow BASIS mass flow controller.

High-flow BASIS mass flow controller.

Small but adaptable

The new model retains the compactness of the rest of the BASIS 2 product line by occupying a mere 4.52” x 1.38” x 2.06” volume (115 mm x 35 mm x 53 mm, WDH). The hard-anodized aluminum flow body is lightweight while providing protection from chemical reactivity and adding substantial physical durability.

David Davis, VP of Engineering at Alicat said, “With the new larger flow body, we now have a platform with several options suitable for customizing. Our rapid prototype and wrist-deep engineering approach means more projects that need a specially-fitted or -configured gas flow instrument can adapt this small, accurate and low-cost off-the-shelf concept to their unique needs.”

High-flow BASIS mass flow meter.

High-flow BASIS mass flow meter.

Transition from manual and mechanical controls to electronic precision and automation

BASIS instruments are available in a variety of manifolds and mounted configurations.

The compact form factor of BASIS 2 helps engineers and technicians incorporate them into production facilities, the assembly of portable packages, and into gas mixing systems that seek a low payload. Their all-metal flow bodies have greater robustness than similar plastic assemblies. Users can run BASIS 2 instruments directly on power-up, with digital inputs, analog voltage or current regulation—without needing to disassemble or rewire the instrument. Alicat BASIS 2 MFCs provide best-in-class accuracy and are programmed in such a way as to provide switching between nine common gases in the field without recalibration. Their totalizer function is an advanced capability for an entry-level device, that can be used in dosing and dispensing.

Alicat flow and pressure devices perform such varied activities as helping to perfect hydrogen-electric energy generation, the spinning of glass optical fibers for telecommunications, testing of rocket parts for leaks, heating furnaces for ceramics, and generating pharmaceuticals through biochemical processing.

With their small size and high accuracy, BASIS 2 are low-cost improvement options for processes like carrier gas control for analyzers, sparging control for bioreactors, and industrial burner control.

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2 SCCM - 100SLPM

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