What does it mean to be the Fastest Flow Controller Company in the World?

We see our role as accelerating the evolution of scientific discoveries and technological development.

Our goal is to give you the freedom and the tools to focus on doing what matters to you. To achieve this, we focus on being fast.

Fast instruments

When we pioneered the use of laminar differential pressure flow technology, we improved on traditional thermal and differential metering to create devices which can sample every millisecond, with valve response times at 50 milliseconds. You get real-time data with minimal fluctuations.

Fast delivery

If you’re building a new, automated system and need highly configured (or totally customized!) mass flow or pressure controllers, you won’t be left waiting for six months. If you’re looking for a simple meter to run some tests, we likely have one we can ship right away. It will arrive when you need it.

Fast answers

Not every team has a flow expert on it, which is why we make it easy for you to speak with an applications engineer. They’re the ones who answer your calls by the third ring and respond to your emails within three hours. You’re able to get the information you need, fast.

We never know what will be most important to your process and project, so we work on increasing the speed of everything we do. Displays and control buttons on our devices, multiple communication protocols, a website designed around self-help, global service centers, access to our engineering team, our online store… It’s all designed to speed up your process and the technological advancements that come with it.

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Why do we talk about Lego so much?

It’s our way of telling you that our devices are configurable in trillions of ways – and those are just the ones we consider to be standard. We love to configure, customize, and dive deep into your niche or application. If we don’t have the right solution for you, we’ll let you know – or start developing it immediately.

Like Legos, the pieces of an Alicat device click together to design your system exactly how you want it. Like Legos, Alicats can survive being stepped on. An Alicat device will easily and beautifully fit into your system, whether you’re looking to switch to a faster flow controller with top-of-the-line specs, you’re just starting to automate a previously-manual system, or you’ve recently realized a flow controller might solve that problem you’ve been thinking about in the lab all week.

Where did the name Alicat come from?

Ali’s Creative Advanced Technologies, AliCAT, began in 1991 with the idea that creative ideas could help scientists measure their results.

Ali Shambayati, Alicat’s founder, left a coaching session with Professor Sean Twomey (remembered by the Twomey Effect) at the University of Arizona with two sheets of equations. He was convinced that laminar flow and pressure could be combined to make a new type of flow meter.

In 1995, Ali left the company and the investors at the time found Neil Hartman, a former NASA contractor and overall science enthusiast, and David Lashbrook, then a college student. Neil had a knack for understanding how far science could go. David had a gift for making the instruments to help science get there.

More than 25 years later, Neil and David are still here – helping customers get custom solutions for very complex problems and building around them a community of people who believe in exploring the boundaries of what’s possible.

We’re hiring! If you’re passionate about flow technology, solving engineering problems, or quickly diving into customer applications, you’re right for the job.

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US Headquarters

7641 N. Business Park Drive
Tucson, AZ 85743 USA

Phone: +1.888.290.6060
Fax: +1.520.290.0109

Operating Hours: 7am to 5pm MST

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Shanghai Office & Service Center

2nd Floor, Block 63
#421 Hong Cao Rd
Xuhui District
Shanghai, PRC 200233

Phone: +86.21.60407398
Fax: +86.21.54530630

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Europe Office & Service Center

Geograaf 24
6921 EW
Duiven, The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)262.031.651

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Mumbai Office

M/s Halma India Pvt. Ltd.
C/O Avire India Pvt. Ltd.,
Plot No. A-147, Road No. 24
Next to Spraytech Circle, opp. Metropolitan Company
Wagle Industrial Estate
Thane (West), 400604, Maharashtra, India

Phone: (+91) 022-41248010

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Alicat Scientific is an ISO® 9001 manufacturer of mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers, for gases and liquids.

Founded:  1991 in Tucson, Arizona (USA)
International Offices & Service Centers:  China, India, Europe
Purchase outside of the US:  Find an International Sales Partner
Email: info@alicat.com  Phone: +1.888.290.6060

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