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Liquid Flow Controllers

Alicat liquid flow controllers provide accurate, stable control across a wide range of applications. Our Coriolis mass flow instruments can accurately control liquid flow rates up to 100 kg/h even when flowing aggressive liquids and mixtures of unknown composition. When flowing water or other common non-corrosive liquids, our laminar liquid flow instruments can provide real-time control of process pressure and temperature, with an optional batch processing feature to simplify process control.

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Model comparison: Alicat device guide

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How Coriolis technology works

Coriolis devices measure mass flow directly with no dependence on fluid properties. Interested in learning more about how Coriolis technology works?

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CODA KC-Series Coriolis Mass Flow Controllers provide high-accuracy liquid flow control even when fluid composition is changing or unknown.

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CODA Coriolis mass flow controller

LC-Series Liquid Flow Controllers rapidly reach setpoints and maintain stable control of liquid volumetric flow rate or pressure, and simultaneously measure live flow, pressure, and temperature readings.

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Picture of Alicat LC-Series liquid flow controller

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