Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

Liquid Flow Controllers and Meters

Alicat’s liquid flow controllers and meters offer accurate flow measurement and stable control for water or other liquids, including methanol, iso-propanol, ethanol, ammonia, dimethylether, iso-pentane, thiophene, iso-octane or heptane. All liquid flow instruments include bleed screws for easy removal of air pockets.


Liquid Flow Controller and Meter Series

L Series Standard Liquid Flow Meters
LC Series Standard Liquid Flow Controllers
LB Series Battery Powered Portable Liquid Flow Meters

Direct Flow Control for Microfluidics (LC)

Control flow rates as low as 0.01 ccm (10 µlm) directly without the need for pressure control over the fluid headspace.

Liquid Product Dispensing (LC)

Dispense liquid products over a wide range of flow rates with precise control over the dose amount.

Liquid Flow Characterization (L)

Characterize the flow of water through a pump, or of saline fluid through medical tubing.

Leak Check of Cooling System (LB)

Quantify flow rates during leak testing for cooling systems.

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