Mass Flow Controllers & Meters

CODA Coriolis Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

When it comes to mass flow measurement and control of fluids, CODA Coriolis devices provide exceptional accuracy in measurement.  Our Coriolis meters and controllers provide fast response and low susceptibility to external vibration.  These devices pair that with exceptional zero stability to create an industry leading precision instrument.  Units with an exceptional measurement range from 0.2 g/h up to 30 kg/h gives you precision even at extremely low flow conditions.

The addition of Coriolis measurement technology has provided Alicat the opportunity to cover more applications for you, especially applications which require resistance to corrosive fluids, an IP67 rating, and operating pressures up to 3500 PSI.

When you don’t know the chemical composition of your fluid, our CODA Coriolis series of mass flow devices enable you to get accurate readings of flow rate and density making them ideal for applications with changing fluid compositions.

Alicat CODA Coriolis meters and controllers: the uncompromising quality in mass flow systems.

Flow Rate:  0.2 – 10,000 g/h
Repeatability:  +/- 0.05%
Accuracy:  0.2% of Rate
Response Time:  < 100 ms
Control Time:  < 500 ms
Fluid Temperature:  -30° to 105° C
Maximum Operating Pressure:  3500 psia
Nominal Pressure Drop:  15 psi
Viscosity Range:  0 – 200 cp
Wetted Materials:  316L or Hastelloy C22

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Catalyst research – precise measurement independent of fluid properties


Precision dosing for bio reactor systems – efficient addition of process additives

Fuel cell

Precision fluid measurement in fuel cell research

Food production

Accurate dosing of consumer product additives


CVD coating processes – fast control for repeatable results

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