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CODA Coriolis Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Alicat’s new series of Coriolis instruments offers direct mass flow measurements for exceptional accuracy in a broad array of precision ultra-low flow and high pressure applications. CODA mass flow meters and controllers are compact and pair fast response times with exceptional zero stability to create an industry leading precision instrument. Designed to be highly insensitive to external vibrations, our Coriolis units provide unwavering accuracy throughout the 0.08 g/h to 100 kg/h measurement range.

  • Versatile. Even when you don’t know the chemical composition of your fluid, CODA enables you to obtain accurate readings of mass flow rate for both liquids and gases. This makes CODA ideal for applications with changing or unknown fluid compositions.
  • Accurate. Measure flows with NIST-traceable accuracy for liquids and gases down to 0.05% of the full scale flow rate. Our Coriolis instruments are also highly insensitive to external bumps and vibrations, ensuring accurate measurements despite environmental interference.
  • Robust. CODA covers more applications for you with resistance to corrosive fluids, an IP67 rating, and operating pressures up to 4000 PSIA. All-metal seals are additionally available with our CODA meters.

High precision liquid and gas measurements independent of fluid composition.

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CODA Series

KM/KC Series Standard Coriolis Controllers
KMO/KCO Series Coriolis for OEM applications


  • Flow Rate: 0.08 g/h – 100 kg/h
  • Flow Accuracy (Liquid): ± 0.2% of reading or ± 0.05% of full scale, whichever is greater
  • Flow Accuracy (Gas): ± 0.5% of reading or ± 0.05% of full scale, whichever is greater
  • Repeatability: ± 0.05% or ± 0.025% of full scale, whichever is greater
  • Minimum Measurable Flow: 0.2% of full scale
  • Density Accuracy: ± 5 kg/m3
  • Zero Stability: ± 0.05% of full scale
  • Control Response Time: < 500 ms (T98)

Operating Conditions

  • Fluid Temperature: -30° to 105° C
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: up to 4000 PSIA
  • Nominal Pressure Drop: 15 PSI
  • Viscosity Range: 0 – 200 cP
  • Wetted Materials: FKM, 316L (Other wetted materials such as nickel alloy or all-metal seals available)



Catalyst research – precise measurement independent of fluid properties


Precision dosing for bio reactor systems – efficient addition of process additives

Fuel cell

Precision fluid measurement in fuel cell research

Food production

Accurate dosing of consumer product additives


CVD coating processes – fast control for repeatable results

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