Fast Pressure Controllers & Transducers

Pressure controllers for flowing processes

Single-valve pressure controllers from Alicat are designed to rapidly control the pressure of flowing processes. They are available with internal pressure sensors or remote sensors that can be plumbed to any point in your process.

Absolute or gauge pressure

PC-series absolute or gauge pressure controllers contain pressure sensors that are referenced to vacuum (absolute) or to local barometric pressure (gauge). PC3-series absolute or gauge pressure controllers have flow paths that are isolated from their pressure sensors. Instead, an external pressure sense port can be plumbed to measure pressure at any point in your system.

The EPC series condenses our single-valve PC series absolute or gauge pressure controller into a bare-bones form factor that is ideal for OEM applications and large-quantity orders.

Differential pressure

PC-series differential pressure controllers maintain a constant pressure differential between their two measurement ports. Like the PC3 above, each of the two pressure measurement ports of the differential pressure controller can be plumbed to any point in your process.

Faster Leak Testing (PC3)

Establish stable pressure for the leak check by measuring pressure precisely at the device under test with Alicat’s PC3-series pressure controller with remote sense port.


Filter Characterization with Differential Pressure Control (PC)

Characterize the flow vs. pressure drop curve by fixing the differential pressure across the filter using a differential pressure controller.


Vacuum Coating with Pressure Control (PC-EXTSEN)

Use your favorite vacuum gauge with Alicat’s PC-EXTSEN pressure controller to maintain the ideal absolute pressure for vacuum deposition.


Split Flow Gas Chromatographs (EPC)

Small size, fast response and dual analog/digital communications make the EPC easy to build into OEM products.


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