Model guide

What model fits your needs?

Alicat has a wide product line designed to meet the application needs of a variety of industries. This guide describes our product lines to assist you in choosing the model that best fits your use case.

How to use this guide:

  1. From the first column, choose what you wish to do with your device.
  2. From the second column, choose the use case most similar to your needs.
  3. The third column will show the best match for you.
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The M-Series mass flow meter is the standard Alicat meter. With one compact gas flow meter, you can measure mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure, and temperature.


“Whisper” series mass flow meters with low pressure drop minimizes system impact, enabling flow measurement at near-atmospheric pressures or when there is little available system pressure. Portable version available.

Standard MW-Series

Portable MWB-Series

The versatile MQ flow meter reduces the time it takes to verify or validate flows that are operating at high pressures (160-320 psia). Measure mass flow, volumetric flow, line pressure and line temperature simultaneously, all in real time.


The MB-Series is a portable, battery-powered flow meter. Verify the proper operation of flowing processes in real time. Accurate and repeatable measurements exceed the reporting standards of external auditors.

MB-Series MWB-Series

When you don’t know the chemical composition of your gas or fluid, our CODA-Series Coriolis mass flow devices enable you to get accurate readings of flow rate and density making them ideal for applications with changing compositions.


The FP-25 Calibrator Kit is specifically designed to audit/calibrate particulate matter samplers for air quality management. The FP-25 is compatible with most PM air monitors.

FP-25 Calibrator Kit

Alicat’s PCU is a secondary calibration standard that combines up to 3 high-accuracy flow meters of varied ranges with totalizers into a rugged industrial carrying case for go-anywhere portability.


Control mass flow rates over a wide flow range with rapid adjustments to accommodate changing flow requirements with the MC-Series. Digital feedback allows real-time changes to the flow rate setpoint to maintain optimal process conditions.


The low pressure drop MCW-Series minimizes system impact, enabling flow control at near-atmospheric pressures and shortening system response times.


The MCQ-Series delivers the fast control response of our standard controller to applications that require higher line pressures (160-320 psia). This high-pressure mass flow controller achieves new setpoints rapidly and stays there, even in the face of pressure spikes.


The BIO-Series is designed specifically for professional engineers involved in the construction and operation of bioreactors. Ensure that fast, precise and uncontaminated flow is in your bioprocessing application.


The MCV-Series features the same rapid control response of our standard mass flow controller in a form factor that includes welded 1/4″ VCR fittings and matches end to end with SEMI standard MFCs. It has an integrated pneumatic shut-off valve for hard vacuum applications.


The MCD-Series can control flow into a closed volume and then control flow in the other direction to exhaust the volume. Or, you can use vacuum to control your process flow in one direction and then apply positive pressure to purge the line in the other direction.


The BASIS-Series features a small footprint, high-accuracy MEMS sensor, and fast valve control.


The PC-Series is our standard pressure controller. Available in absolute, gauge, or differential pressure, this model is used to regulate pressure upstream or downstream in the process.


PCD-Series controllers have two valves attached – an inlet valve and exhaust valve. Dual-valve pressure controllers eliminate the need for a bleed valve for pressure control in closed or dead-ended volumes.


For flowing processes: The PC3-Series controller has its pressure sensor isolated from the flow path, allowing the end user to control pressure at an exact point in the system away from where the controller is connected in-line.


For closed volumes: The PCD3-Series controller is a dual valve pressure controller with an isolated pressure sensor. This pressure sensor can be plumbed anywhere in the system.


Measure the differential pressure between any two points in your process, and control flow at a different point to ensure the pressure differential remains constant with the PC-Series.  They hit pressure setpoints in milliseconds with NIST-traceable accuracy.


IVC-series integrated vacuum controllers rapidly control the pressure of pumped vacuum processes. They balance the amount of gas introduced into the process with the amount of gas pumped out by the vacuum system.


The EPC-Series delivers high accuracy and fast, closed-loop control in a compact, competitively-priced package. You get laboratory-grade performance at a reasonable price.


The L-Series is capable of measuring volumetric flowrate, line pressure, and line temperature simultaneously.


The LC-Series offers accurate flow measurement and stable control for water or other liquids, including methanol, iso-propanol, ethanol, ammonia, dimethylether, iso-pentane, thiophene, iso-octane or heptane.


When you don’t know the chemical composition of your gas or fluid, our CODA-Series Coriolis mass flow devices enable you to get accurate readings of flow rate and density making them ideal for applications with changing compositions.