Inchfab uses mass flow control in nanoscale fabrication systems

Inchfab: nanoscale fabrication systems

The increasing demand for computing power over the last 60+ years has led to exponential increases in both device complexity and production volumes. The high cost and minimal flexibility of nanoscale fabrication has become a major barrier in many different markets for groups seeking to develop innovative devices.

Inchfab’s novel platform of ultra-low cost, high performance fabrication tools is tearing down that barrier by decoupling advanced processing capabilities from large substrate sizes. Additionally, Inchfab has demonstrated that the use of smaller substrates can also lead to performance improvements over existing commercial tools.

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Inchfab is continually striving to refine and expand its micro- and nanofabrication capabilities, and continuously looking for new technology that can assist in that effort. With instruments like Alicat’s IVC-Series pressure controllers and MC-Series MFCs, there is no compromise needed between performance, reliability, and price-point, which makes them an easy choice for inclusion in Inchfab systems.

Here is a diagram showing how the Alicat controllers are used in the Inchfab chemical vapor deposition system.

Inchfab-nanotechnology system using Alicat flow controllers