VICI uses mass flow for air pollution analyzer calibrators

Low footprint OEM thermal mass flow controllers for VICI air pollution analyzer calibratorsAccuracy, speed, size essential to operation of permeation devices

Tucson, Arizona (February 8, 2017) – Alicat Scientific’s BASIS mass flow controllers have been selected by Valco Instruments Co. Inc. (VICI) to precisely control gas flow rates in its Dynacal permeation devices. Alicat BASIS OEM instruments provide the control required by VICI to create gas mixes down to fractions of a nanogram per minute, in a compact footprint for easy integration.

Designed specifically for original equipment manufacture and process integration, BASIS is Alicat’s smallest footprint instrument. It controls gas flow rates used for mixing or diluting, or supplied into processes—such as gas analyzers, custom blending manifolds, and burners. Introduced in 2015, BASIS has been qualified and accepted by customers for gas chromatography, gas mixing, and sputtering for film coating, as well as burner applications.

VICI has incorporated multiple BASIS MFC’s into its Dynacal ® permeation devices, an integral component of its Metronics Dynacalibrators®, which are used to calibrate air pollution analyzers. The Dynacal generates the gas concentrations necessary for accurate calibration. BASIS handles the mass flow rates needed by the Dynacal to produce precisely measured mixes of trace quantities of gases with high precision, including two very low flow rates.

Several features of the BASIS product line have been instrumental in meeting VICI’s specifications. The BASIS is accurate at very low flow rates (e.g., 1 sccm), performing better than other mass flow controllers in its price class. Its high turndown ratio—as high as 200:1—means that fewer devices are needed to control a wide range of flow. Fewer instruments and a compact size ensure a space- and cost-saving fit, without sacrificing performance. BASIS also has a rapid control response time of 100ms, not attainable on most flow controllers of its size and ease of use. Its industrial interface facilitates rapid integration into gas flow systems.

The BASIS line of mass flow controllers come in three flow ranges: 1-100 sccm, 5-1000 sccm, and 0.1-20 slpm. They can be configured with six selectable gases—Air, Ar, CO2, N2, O2, and N2O—or with He or H2.

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