Slot-die coating optimization using CODA Coriolis mass flow controllers

Alicat’s pressure and mass flow controllers have many uses in manufacturing processes, such as leak detection and calibration. In this article, we discuss how Alicat’s CODA mass flow controllers can effectively mitigate challenges faced in slot-die coating applications.

Challenge: Mitigating inaccurate layer thickness in slot-die coating

Slot-die coating is a reliable and accurate method of adding layers between 10 nm and 2 microns onto various substrates. It is considered to be one of the most precise layering methods, and is commonly used in industries such as solar panel, OLED, barrier film, and battery manufacturing.

Once coating fluids or “inks” travel from fluid reservoirs to slot-die heads, formulas such as the Poiseuille equation can be used in conjunction with pressure drop and flow data to determine the exact flow of solution across the manifold. During this process, it is critical to accurately monitor and regulate the flow rate of the coating liquid. Any variability can result in defects and inaccurate thicknesses of the final coating layer.

Solution: Consistent flow rates using Alicat CODA Coriolis mass flow controllers

Alicat’s CODA Coriolis mass flow controllers are an ideal solution for guaranteeing accurate, repeatable flow control in slot-die coating processes. These devices can be used to flow slot-die coating inks with high accuracy up ±0.2% of reading, ensuring predictable and consistent final layer thickness.

Coriolis technology offers an advantage over other flow technology as it can be used to flow fluids of varying or unknown composition. This is critical in slot-die coating processes, where the inks often have unknown viscosities and densities.

More CODA mass flow controller applications

  • Micro dosing – Whether it’s in catalytic research or food production, precision dosing of an additive is critical. Ultra-low flow capabilities make our Coriolis-based devices ideal for measurement and control of components.
  • High-pressure operation – Fuel cell and rocket research place extreme demands on instrumentation. Coriolis devices accurately measure fluids up to 4000 PSI, ensuring that your mission-critical projects work on the ground, in the air, and beyond.
  • Variable systems – When fluid composition isn’t known in a process, accurate measurement is still critical. Coriolis meters allow flexibility in changing environments, such as in bioreactors, variable fluid mixtures, or measuring the outflow in chemical processes.
  • Aggressive fluids – From chemical coating to semiconductors, aggressive fluids pose materials compatibility challenges to many fluid control systems in manufacturing. CODA Coriolis mass flow systems utilize minimal wetted materials, making them more resistant to corrosive fluid environments.

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