KimPro Energy monitors oil and gas methane emissions using portable mass flow meters

KimPro energy logoIn response to the global climate crisis, government regulations on venting flows and leaks are increasing. Standards for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions now require measurements that have historically only been estimated.

Challenge: Meeting increasing government regulations

KimPro Energy needed a new solution for oil and gas emissions monitoring. These new government regulations meant they would need a fast, practical, technologically advanced way to measure tank venting, surface case venting, pneumatic control venting, and fitting leaks.

Solution: Portable, anticorrosive mass flow meter

To meet these increasing government regulations, KimPro Energy chose a portable, anticorrosive mass flow meter. This instrument measures flow across a wide operating range (1% to 100% of full scale) with <10 ms response times and accuracy of ±(0.8% of reading + 0.2% of full scale). It is also both portable and anticorrosive, making it perfect to carry around and measure methane emissions from connection leaks and gas well vents.

Our slogan – Striving to Reduce Emissions – is the focal point of our organization. We have partnered with industry-leading manufacturers to provide the oil and gas industry with a cutting-edge package of methane detection and measurement tools to complement our leak detection expertise. Alicat is a natural fit for this market with their highly accurate, adaptable, and durable product line. – Ryan Prokopowich, founder of KimPro Energy


KimPro Energy provides service and instrumentation to the natural gas utility and oil and gas production industry alike. By providing expert leak detection services and offering the best in OGI cameras, laser methane detection, and various leak detection instruments, the company tackles the task of limiting climate change and reducing emissions.

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