KimPro Energy reduces oil and gas methane emissions

KimPro Energy works with Alicat to design advanced flow meters to help the oil and gas industry meet increasing government regulations

Tucson, AZ – March 24, 2020
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Alicat combines forces with KimPro Energy to make fast, practical, and technologically advanced meters designed specifically for oil and gas emissions monitoring. In response to the global climate crisis, government regulations on venting flows and leaks are increasing. Standards for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions now require measurements that have historically only been estimated.

“The world, and this industry, can no longer afford to estimate methane emissions,” said Shaina Shay, Environmental Market Manager at Alicat. “It makes sense to partner up. We are excited to have a knowledgeable and respected partner. With KimPro Energy’s hands-on industry experience, and Alicat’s technical flow measurement expertise, we are making products that work.”

The alliance between Alicat and KimPro Energy will allow for the development of superior products to be brought to market such as ones that can measure tank venting, surface case venting, pneumatic control venting, and fitting leaks. Alicat pioneered the use of laminar differential pressure flow technology, improving on traditional differential pressure metering. Their mass flow meters boast the industry’s highest turndown ratio, resulting in fast and accurate measurement over a wide flow range.

KimPro Energy Inc. was founded in 2019 by Ryan Prokopowich, a recognized expert in leak detection and emissions monitoring. “Our slogan – Striving to Reduce Emissions – is the focal point of our organization,” states Prokopowich. “We have partnered with industry leading manufactures to provide the oil and gas industry with a cutting edge package of methane detection and measurement tools to complement our leak detection expertise. Alicat is a natural fit to this market with their highly accurate, adaptable, and durable product line.”

KimPro Energy provides service and instrumentation to the natural gas utility and oil and gas production industry alike. By providing expert leak detection services and offering the best in OGI cameras, laser methane detection, and various leak detection instruments the company tackles the task of limiting climate change and reducing emissions.