In-house check of gas chromatograph operation using a portable flow meter

In-house check of gas chromatograph operation

Gas chromatographs (GCs) detect materials at molecular level by preparing a sample of the material that is “carried” on a gas stream into the GC. The carrier gas flow stream is sent into small capillary flow tubes and then into detectors to sense and quantify the suspected materials.

These carrier and capillary flow rates are critical to the correct performance of the gas chromatograph. The flow rates and pressures through the various gas flow paths vary by manufacturer’s specifications.

Alicat Scientific has recognized the need for an accurate and versatile device that is capable of verifying these critical aspects of a GC’s performance. The Alicat Portable Mass Flow Meter performs multiple tasks:

  • Verification of mass measurement on the input and vent of the GC
  • Verification of volumetric measurement on the vent of the GC
  • Verification of the pressure on the inlet and vent of the GC

You will also benefit from:

  • Gas Select™ field selectabilty for 98of the most common gases
  • ± (0.8% of Reading + 0.2% of Full Scale) Accuracy for precise measurements
  • ± 0.2% Full Scale Repeatability for consistent measurements
  • 10mS or faster response to changes in flow, pressure and temperature
  • 10,000:1 Turndown Ratio allows one unit to cover both the capillary and carrier gas flow ranges
  • RS-232 Serial Output of all four parameters and selected gas for data logging to any PC, PDA or
    other device with serial terminal capability.

These multiple features, built into one, compact, portable instrument, give you an invaluable tool for the verification of GC operation.