Active flow control with pressure control and a Coriolis mass flow meter

In processes operating at extreme conditions, it can be a bit tricky to maintain reliable flow control. The combination of a Coriolis mass flow meter, dual valve pressure controller (PCD), and dome-loaded back pressure regulator (BPR) enables automated flow control under the following conditions:

  • Systems flowing fluids that are aggressive or of unknown composition
  • High operating pressures where typical control valves are not rated
  • A wide range of flow rates

This fully automated system provides the added bonus of digital data collection for improved process control and evaluation.

How it works

  1. The CODA Coriolis meter sends an analog flow signal to the PCD.
  2. PCD firmware translates the flow signal into a pressure setpoint
  3. This raises or lowers the pressure in the dome-loaded BPR to achieve the desired flow rate.

Benefits of controlling flow with this setup

This setup is beneficial in applications with fluids which are aggressive or of unknown composition and require highly resistant wetted materials. It also works for fluids with unique properties which behave adversely when traditional control methods are deployed, such as solidification under mechanical shear. Use this setup even in systems operating at high pressures and across wide flow ranges.

Custom firmware on the PCD makes it simple to convert analog flow signals into pressure setpoints that change pressure levels in the BPR to adjust flow rate. The front panel screen on the PCD enables the user to easily regulate flow rate without the need for a PLC.

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