framergy uses metal organic frameworks to make a cleaner world

framergy: Making the world cleaner with metal organic frameworks

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are a novel class of nanomaterials which are highly effective as a solid adsorbent and utilize their unique “cage-like” structure to trap molecules. Because of these properties, MOFs have been studied for numerous fluid storage, separation, and purification applications. The company, framergy, was the first group to focus solely on providing high-volume, high-quality, and low cost MOFs with the goal of revolutionizing clean energy.

The AYRSORB™ line of MOFs from framergy feature ultra-high surface area and permanent porosity to maximize molecule trapping. These features make it an ideal adsorbent for the modification and purification of natural gas streams. By purifying methane from a natural gas stream, less carbon is generated during the combustion process leading to a smaller emissions footprint.

To evaluate the performance of their product for natural gas purification, framergy had to set up a pilot test – with quite a few demanding process requirements.

“After extensive research and promising results at the laboratory scale, we were confident that our MOFs technology was mature and ready for the next level. Thanks to Alicat Coriolis technology, we were able to conduct a pilot test at the challenging parameters of midstream natural gas operations.” – Lead Chemical Engineer, Carlos H. Ybanez

Problem: Find a mass flow meter capable of meeting the demanding requirements of the pilot test

  • High operating pressure – 800 PSIG (MOF efficiency increases with pressure)
  • High ambient temperatures (pilot station outside in Texas with highs of 70-105°F)
  • Low-flow rates of gas (due to scale of adsorbent column and adsorption kinetics)
  • Flow gas of unknown composition (exact molecular composition of natural gas unknown & inconsistent)
  • Insensitivity to vibrations (due to nearby compressors)

Solution: Alicat Scientific’s CODA Coriolis mass flow meter

  • Precise measurement of low-flow fluids even with unknown fluid composition
  • Able to withstand high pressure and temperature requirements
  • Insensitive to external vibrations without need for mass block
  • Totalizer function to easily track total gas flowed over time
test setup with Coriolis mass flow meter

Figure 1. framergy field test diagram

Pilot test setup

Engineering lead Mr. Carlos Ybanez led the pilot test to evaluate AYRSORB™ F250’s natural gas liquid (NGL) adsorption capability, with the goal of selectively purifying methane from a natural gas stream. The testing system consisted of a knockout pot to drop liquid and two adsorption columns in series filled up with AYRSORB™ F250.  Upstream of the system, an Alicat CODA Coriolis mass flow meter was utilized to measure the total gas treated by the system before saturation.

framergy pilot setup with Coriolis mass flow meter

Figure 2. framergy’s natural gas purification pilot test

Results: Framergy MOFs deliver a 100% clean methane stream

  • Engineers obtained stable, high accuracy readings for the amounts of natural gas adsorbed over time.
  • Readings were unaffected by the nearby vibrations and by changing gas mixture composition.
  • Results demonstrated that framergy MOFs delivered a 100% clean methane stream.
  • Engineers were able to conduct further selectivity testing by successfully creating and flowing custom mixtures of gas through their test setup. Mixtures comprised of different weight percentages of methane, ethane, propane, and butane.


Framergy was able to use Alicat’s CODA line of mass flow meters to meet their process requirements, allowing them to offer robust MOF solutions with greater certainty of success.

If you think Coriolis mass flow technology may benefit your application, learn more about our CODA Coriolis mass flow meters and controllers or contact one of our expert applications engineers.