High-Speed Aerodynamic Test

App Note: High-Speed Aerodynamic Test

An engineer at ACME Airplane Behemoth Co. was in a quandary. He needed a device to control high pressure (>500 PSI) in a high-speed aerodynamic test he was setting up.

For this test he needed to pre-charge a chamber to high pressure. Then, via a rupture disk, he would quickly release the pressure to produce a high number mach flow.

He asked, “Does Alicat have a pressure controller which will control a high flow rate pressure?”
Alicat engineer, “We do not, but I do have a solution for you. Manually charge the chamber to approximately 450 PSI, and then use an Alicat PCDH-500PSIG-D pressure controller to finish filling the chamber to the exact pressure for the test.”

Problem solved. There was much rejoicing.

Need: A device that can control high pressures (>500 PSI)

Solution: PCDH-500PSIG-D

  • Alicat engineers are here to assist with choosing the appropriate custom made device for your
    specific application.
  • Alicat engineers will assist with application set up assistance if you need it.
  • Unless we are limited by temperature, pressure or flow rate parameters (specific to our devices),
    Alicat will “see through” the development of a device to meet your specific needs.
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