Persedo assures quality of distilled spirits

Quality assurance of distilled spirits: Persedo Spirits

Persedo Spirits uses Alicat mass flow controllers for quality assurance of distilled spirits

Persedo Spirits puts technology to work to make enjoyable, high quality spirits. They use Alicat mass flow controllers for quality assurance of distilled spirits, introducing gases into the distillation process to selectively strip undesirable components from the spirits.

Sitting just outside of Houston, Texas, Persedo both distills its own spirits and makes equipment for other distillers. Their goal is to offer alcoholic beverages with a smooth finish and without a harsh aftertaste.

Mass flow to remove off-flavors and odors

The quality of a whiskey, vodka, rum or tequila can be dramatically improved by removing certain compounds and changing other components in situ. While these components cannot be removed or changed by the distillation process itself, they add only a few minutes to the overall process. Persedo uses a combination of ultrasonic energy, vacuum, and extractive food grade gases to complete this process, using Alicat mass flow controllers.

The flow controllers precisely control the flow rates of food-grade gases, which selectively strip off-flavors and off-odors from the distilled spirits. It’s as simple as passing two gases through the Alicat device, and this process has been used in finishing over 1,000 test samples of spirits.

“No other device offered us the cost-effective, dynamic process control capability and precise control (better than 0.5% of total volume) of flow rates made possible by a mass flow controller from Alicat,” said Greg George, Senior Chemist and Technology Lead at Persedo.

MCR-Series High Flow Gas Mass Flow Controller

MCR-Series mass flow controller for high gas flows

“Precise measurements of volume flow rate corrected for variations of temperature and input pressure from tank gases is key to the quality control in our process.”

Using Alicat for distillation

Because Alicat devices can be controlled directly on the standup interface or through various communication and industrial protocols, it is easy for Persedo to integrate the Alicat mass flow controllers with the rest of their instrumentation without requiring additional modifications or programming.

Clear communication to and between the various instruments used in the distilling process means that Persedo is able to increase the speed and accuracy of their various testing processes. They are also able to make adjustments as needed: the specific gas composition, the flow rates, and various control and measurement features are easily and quickly controllable. The Alicat devices are also able to compensate for any changes to ambient environmental conditions, offering an important advantage to the quality assurance of distilled spirits: a slight change in temperature or pressure (for instance, one caused by an older machine in the room) will not result in downstream quality control issues.