Persedo assures quality of distilled spirits using mass flow control

Persedo Spirits uses Alicat mass flow controllers for quality assurance of distilled spirits

Sitting just outside of Houston, Texas, Persedo Spirits both distills its own spirits and makes equipment for other distillers. Their ultimate goal is to produce high-quality alcoholic beverages with a smooth finish and no harsh aftertaste.

They are able to accomplish this by introducing gases into the distillation process and selectively stripping undesirable components from the spirits.

Mass flow to remove off-flavors and odors

The quality of whiskey, vodka, rum, or tequila can be dramatically improved by experimenting with the addition of and removal of components in situ. While this cannot be done during distillation, it only adds a few minutes to the overall process. Persedo uses a combination of ultrasonic energy, vacuum, and extractive food-grade gases to complete this process.

To precisely control the flow rates of food-grade gases, Persedo uses Alicat mass flow controllers. These gases are able to selectively strip off-flavors and off-odors from distilled spirits. The process only requires flowing two gases through the device and has been used to finish over 1,000 test samples of spirits.

Precise measurements of volume flow rate corrected for variations of temperature and input pressure from tank gases are key to the quality control in our process. No other device offered us the cost-effective, dynamic process control capability and precise control of flow rates made possible by a mass flow controller from Alicat. – Greg George, Senior Chemist and Technology Lead at Persedo

The mass flow controllers can be controlled directly on the standup interface or through various communication and industrial protocols, making it easy for Persedo to integrate the flow controllers with the rest of their instrumentation without the need for additional modifications or programming.


Because communicating with the various instruments in the distilling process is so clear, Persedo is able to quickly and accurately test their various processes and easily make adjustments. They are also able to easily change gas compositions and modify flow rates as needed to optimize their spirits. Even with changing ambient conditions, Persedo confidently produces the highest quality distilled spirits for their customers.

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