Category: Pressure regulation case studies

  • Native Microbials makes livestock lives better, more productive, and more sustainable

    The microbiome discovery company Native Microbials has studied the highest-performing livestock and teased out impactful, natively-derived organisms to enable all livestock to perform better. We spoke with Martin Mayhew, Vice President of Process Development and Manufacturing. It has been “really interesting to see this pioneering field, this application of this microbiome technology, into a field […]

  • Inchfab uses mass flow and pressure control in nanoscale fabrication systems

    Cowritten by Alicat; Mitchell Hsing, Ph.D., CEO & Co-Founder of Inchfab; and Parker Gould, Ph.D., CTO & Co-Founder of Inchfab Background: Nanoscale fabrication systems & Inchfab The increasing demand for computing power over the past 60+ years has led to exponential increases in both device complexity and production volumes. To keep up with this demand, […]

  • Veloce echelle spectrograph utilizes closed-volume pressure control

    Dr. James Gilbert Dr. James Gilbert was the technical lead for the Australian National University’s development of the Veloce echelle spectrograph, which is now installed on the 3.9-meter Anglo-Australian Telescope at the Siding Spring Observatory in New South Wales, Australia. Veloce integrates a highly-customized Alicat closed-volume pressure controller for stable precision pressure control of air […]

  • LD Integrated Technologies characterizes medical device flows using LabVIEW pressure control

    LD Integrated Technologies (LDIT) is a consulting firm that specializes in system integration and automated testing projects. The firm often develops custom hardware, circuit design, embedded firmware, and software to meet the needs of their customers. LDIT focuses especially on integration projects within the medical device, aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, and oil and gas industries. Challenge: […]

  • Dr. Elemans et al. replicate bird song using pressure in a closed system

    How do birds sing? Much like you and I do, it turns out. Research by Dr. Coen Elemans et al, Universal mechanisms of sound production and control in birds and mammals, published in Nature Communications Nov. 27, 2015, found that birds and mammals use the same physical mechanism of sound production – the myoelastic-aerodynamic (MEAD) […]

  • H2scan improves system stability for accurate hydrogen analysis using absolute pressure control

    As a leading manufacturer of hydrogen detectors and analyzers for hydrogen leak detection and process gas monitoring, H2scan has exclusive commercial rights to a solid-state palladium-nickel (Pa-Ni) sensing technology that was first developed by Sandia National Laboratory and the US Department of Energy. Employing both resistor and capacitor sensing circuits on a single Pa-Ni film, […]

  • Picture of pollution
    Johnson Matthey optimizes automotive catalyst manufacturing using pressure control

    Johnson Matthey is a leading international car exhaust catalyst manufacturer. Automotive catalysts made by Johnson Matthey play a critical role in reducing the harmful carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydrocarbon emissions that automobiles produce. Problem: Simulating operating conditions for catalyst optimization Automobile operating conditions vary across differing geographies. To optimize the production of their catalysts, […]

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