Johnson Matthey optimizes automotive catalyst manufacturing

Pressure control for automotive catalyst production

This “Alicats in the Wild” post is adapted from the “Tech Talk” blog of Premier Control Technologies, Alicat’s distributor for the United Kingdom. See their original post here.

Johnson Matthey is a leading international car exhaust catalyst manufacturer. Automotive catalysts made by Johnson Matthey play a critical role in reducing the harmful carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbon emissions that automobiles produce. On an international scale, automobile operating conditions vary from place to place. To optimize the production of their catalysts, Johnson Matthey needed to simulate environments that reflected the operating conditions within which their product operated. With the help of Premier Control Technologies, they turned to Alicat PC-Series pressure controllers for their speed and control stability.

Premier Control Technologies, Norfolk, UK

Alicat’s pressure gauges and controllers are known for fast and accurate performance. Our P-Series digital pressure gauges accurately and rapidly measure the absolute, gauge or differential pressure of process gases and liquids. PC-Series pressure controllers provide precise control of pressure in flowing processes via customized high-speed proportional control valves. For back pressure control, the PC Series is available with downstream valves and inverse valve control algorithms. Alicat’s PC3-Series pressure controllers incorporate a remote pressure sense port for control of flow into a process that is distant from the controller.

Johnson Matthey’s aim was plant optimization and enhanced quality control, and the economic benefits that would accrue through improved efficiencies and product performance. The Alicat pressure controller applies air pressure to a diaphragm-operated back pressure valve. This is then fitted to a custom-built catalyst drying apparatus. This arrangement allows Johnson Matthey to quickly change system pressures to simulate autocatalyst operating environments around the world, ensuring that motorists and the environment globally enjoy greener vehicles!