Our mass flow meters and mass flow controllers are easy-to-use, benefit-rich instruments for gas flow measurement and control. The versatility of our devices is reflected in their numerous standard features, including selectable control of mass flow, volumetric flow and pressure. All mass flow instruments come with NIST-traceable calibration sheets, generous customer support and a lifetime warranty.

Gas mass flow meter

Mass Flow Meters

Mass flow meters measure the flow of gases through a system and must be accurate, versatile, dependable and cost effective. Our M series digital / analog mass flow meter was designed to meet and exceed customer requirements.


Mass Flow Controllers

Our Mass flow controllers are easy to use, fast, reliable, accurate, cost effective and robust. They take the guess work out of precision gas flow control. Click here to see our OEM mass flow controllers.


Bidirectional Mass Flow Controllers

Alicat presents the world’s first bidirectional mass flow controller, the most versatile flow controller in the world. What will you do with yours?


Alicat Whisper series low drop gas flow instrument

Whisper Series Low Pressure Drop Mass Flow Meters and Controllers

Alicat’s Whisper series low pressure drop mass flow meters and controllers offer pressure drops as low as 0.2PSID from ranges of 0.5SCCM through 500SLPM, with no sacrifice in features or benefits.


Portable mass flow meter

Portable Mass Flow Meters and Calibrators

From battery powered handheld flow verifiers to multi-range, case mounted units, our portable mass flow meters are rugged and convenient. Enjoy the speed and features of Alicat’s instruments without worrying about mounting or power sources.


Gas Select COMPOSER™ Gas Mix Calibration Software

Gas Select COMPOSER™ Gas Mix Calibration Software

Personalized gas compositions for accurate mixed gas measurement, included on most Alicat mass flow instruments. Your flow needs will change. Alicat’s COMPOSER™ is ready to adapt with you, on the fly. The day of disposable flow instruments is over.