Display variable tutorial: Changing from mass flow to volumetric flow

Alicat mass flow meters and controllers simultaneously monitor mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate, absolute gas pressure, and gas temperature.

Here, we explain how to switch between displaying mass flow rate and volumetric flow rate.

Step-by-step instructions

1. Find the values for mass flow and volumetric flow

On the display for any Alicat flow instrument, the parameters shown on the device and the button ascribed to them are:

  • Absolute pressure: Top left
  • Temperature: Top center
  • Setpoint/Tare: Top right
  • Volumetric flow: Bottom left
  • Mass flow: Bottom center

2. Change the displayed parameter

Press the button below the readings on the display to change the value displayed on the main screen.

  • To display volumetric flow in the center of the display, press the bottom left button.
  • To display mass flow in the center of the display, press the bottom center button.

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