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  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Alarm function (ALE command) tutorial

    Alarm function (ALE command) tutorial Alicat flow and pressure devices have an optional alarm functionality that helps simplify control systems such as PLCs or manned stations. An alarm is transmitted as an analog signal though the communications connector on the device. In systems where an Alicat is not connected to a central system, the alarm […]

  • Configuring an Alicat Display

    Configuring Your Alicat Display The large display on front of your Alicat can be configured to meet specific application needs. Options are available for contrast, backlight on power up, and rotation for upside-down installation. Find your firmware version in the “About” menu on the display or on the calibration sheet. 10v Firmware LCD contrast Select: […]

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Changing engineering units tutorial

    Changing engineering units tutorial You can easily change the engineering units displayed on your Alicat device and/or in the serial data. You can even have the display use a different set of engineering units from the serial data. For your convenience, each device comes pre-loaded with all relevant engineering units. See below for instructions on […]

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Inverse pressure control tutorial: Switching from forward to back pressure control

    Inverse pressure control tutorial: Switching from forward to back pressure control A forward pressure controller can be reconfigured into a back pressure controller by following two simple steps. First, you must swap the valve location (tutorials linked below). You can then activate inverse pressure control using either the front display or serial communications. In this […]

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Display variable tutorial: Changing from mass flow to volumetric flow

    As both mass and volumetric flow readings are provided by Alicats, it gives you the freedom to choose the parameter that you wish to measure or control depending on what is required in your application.

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    STP/NTP tutorial

    STP/NTP tutorial Standardized flow references define the temperature and pressure conditions used to calculate flow readings. This allows flows measured under different conditions to be expressed according to a common standard, keeping readings accurate and comparable. Changing the standardized conditions (STP/NTP) is easy to do yourself. The tutorial below explains how to configure STP/NTP settings […]

  • Alicat isometrics drawing
    Valve position swap for a Rolamite or any small valve tutorial

    How to swap the location of any small valve This video shows how to change the valve position on any Alicat mass flow controller or pressure controller utilizing a small valve from upstream to downstream, or vice versa. Please be extra careful with the display ribbon, as it is prone to rip if pulled on. […]

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