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STP/NTP Tutorial: Alicat Laminar DP Mass Flow Instruments

Standardized flow references define the temperature and pressure conditions used to calculate flow readings. This allows flows measured under different conditions to be expressed according to a common standard, keeping readings accurate and comparable.

Unless otherwise requested, your mass flow instrument will ship with a default STP of 25°C and 1 atm, and an NTP of 0°C and 1 atm. Changing the standardized conditions (STP/NTP) is easy to do yourself. The tutorial below explains how to configure STP/NTP settings for your Alicat laminar DP mass flow meter or controller through the display. To configure STP/NPT through serial commands, please refer to the standard manual.

Please refer to the CODA manual and BASIS manual for STP options on other Alicat mass flow instruments.

9v and 10v firmware

Select: MENU > SETUP > Sensor > STP Flow Ref or NTP Flow Ref

Reference options:

  • Stan T: Standard Temperature
  • Stan P: Standard Pressure
  • Norm T: Normal Temperature
  • Norm P: Normal Pressure
  • Ref temp units changes the temperature units used for STP and NTP calculations.
  • Ref pressure units changes the pressure units used for STP and NTP calculations
8v firmware

Video tutorial

This video shows how to change the STP settings using the display, but these settings can also be changed through serial communications.

Step-by-step instructions (front panel)

  1. Press menu and select basic config.
  2. Select STP/NTP and, using the up/down buttons, select a category from the displayed list.
  3. Press change to access the parameters display.
  4. Use the Select digit and up/down buttons to make your changes and press set.
  5. You can also change the reference units for temperature or pressure by selecting ref temp units or ref pressure units.

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