Valve position swap for a Rolamite or any small valve tutorial

How to swap location of any small valve

This video shows how to change the valve position on any Alicat mass flow controller or pressure controller utilizing a small valve from upstream to downstream, or vice versa.

Note: If you have a medium or large valve controller please contact Alicat for assistance. If you have a controller with a rolamite valve, skip ahead to the Rolamite valve swap video tutorial below.

How to swap location of a Rolamite valve

This video shows how to change the position of a large Rolamite valve on an Alicat mass flow controller (part numbers beginning with MCR) or pressure controller (part number beginning with PCR). You can either switch the valve from upstream to downstream, or vice versa.

The procedure takes about 10 minutes. While it is not highly technical, it is best performed by an experienced technician.

Video transcript
In this video we will be showing you how to change your Rolamite valve flow or pressure controller from an upstream configuration for positive pressure to a downstream configuration for back pressure or vacuum applications. The tools you will need are a nine sixty fourth inch hex wrench, a T8 Torx driver and a razor blade. The orientation of the valve needs to be maintained so it is good to draw an arrow on the unit to indicate which way it is facing, here I just wrote on a piece of tape. To start detaching the valve remove the four hex screws. Remove the o-ring disk from the adapter. Note the orientation of it as there will be the large ring facing outwards and then an o-ring seated on the back of it Under the o-ring disk, remove the four hex screws to detach to the adapter plate from the flow body. Attach the adapter plate to the other side of the flow body maintaining the same outward facing orientation. Next, open up the case of the controller. You’ll need to slice the warranty sticker and remove six Torx screws from the side of the case, leaving the lower rear case screws in. Remove the case top of the controller and, carefully grasping it by the membrane switch ribbon cable, remove the front half of the casing as well. Using the razor blade remove the red retaining rings holding in the front display. Proceed to grip the display and carefully remove by pulling out slowly and steadily. With everything removed, move the rolamite valve to the other side’s case cutout. You will find at this point that the arrow is on the wrong side of the valve. To turn the valve around press down on the valve and use your driver, or another tool, to push the dowels through the holes near the top of the flow body and remove them. This will release the valve and allow you to turn the blow body around. While pressing down the valve, put the dowels back in. It should now have the correct orientation. Reattach the flow body and replace all the parts you removed earlier making sure to properly connect the display to the ten pin connector and the ribbon cable further the membrane switch to the flat multi pin block. The feet on the bottom of the flow body will also be on the wrong side so unscrew and put on the other side. We’ve now completed the valve swap.

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